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my intro...

From: Triplicane Vijayaraghavan (
Date: Wed Apr 05 1995 - 17:31:50 PDT

	sriman naaraayaNa charaNow charaNam prabhathyE
	srimathE naaraayaNaaya namaha
	srimathE raamaanucaaya namaha.

i was added to this group just today. many many thanks to mani for
introducing me to this group of knowledgeable people. i am proud to be
atleast a part of it.
here is my introduction.
My name is Vijayaraghavan R Triplicane( i just read vaidehi's intro. i
am really happy to know that somebody is from Triplicane and i
wholeheartedly share all those great experiences of her abt Sri
Parthasarathy perumaL, his uthsavams, his inherent "ghambeera" look
...and everything abt him. more than anything else, the rythmic chanting
of naalaayira dhivya prabhandham, enhancing its greatness to new
heights, which i doubt one can find in any other dhivya dhEsam other
than the 108th. it is to be experienced personally. )
i was born in TRiplicane in 1968 and within 2 years my father got
transferred  and my maternal grandfather moved to mambalam where i spent
most of my early childhood. we made frequent visits to t.cane though. my
greatest source of inspiration is my grandpa and my uncles. they are all
well versed in the vaisnavism, 4000, Bhagavad Gita,...more than the
knowledge , the Bhakthi in them is very important and i grasped
something from them. later i moved along with my father who used to get
transferred once in 3 years. i did my BE in electronics & comn and i aws
worjking as Research & Development Engineer in Indchem electronics ,
madras from '89 -'93. Then i came to USA. i am now doing my MS in
Computer engg at west virginia univ(1 hour drive south of pittsburg)
will be graduating by this summer- to start job search..
my parents dont know much of the religious literature or the
visishtaaadvaitha pjhilosophy etc.. they just had a strong devotion and
bhakthi to lord Rama, thats it. so i too just knew nothing but rama.
later my frequent discussions with my uncle and grandpa gave me some
insights. b4 coming to US i made it a point to visit as many dhivya
dhesams as possible and i had my samaasrayaNam at vaanamaamalai madam,
thirunelveli dist. and visited Azhwar thirunagari and the puLiya maram
and the 9 dhivya dhEsams cxalled nava thiruppathy. great experience
(even though most of the temples are very old and in a dilapidated
i am learning periya thirumozhi by thirumaNGgai aazhwaar. i happened to
go thro a pasuram abt badhri( mudhugu paRRi kaiththalaththaal munnoru
kOloonRi..) and i was very much attracted by its simplicity and the
great attraction and the greatness of tamil and i started reading the
other pasurams of thirumaNGgai mannan and esp the thiruvallikkENi
kaNdEnE pasurams with so much of satisfactio and pride!)
i am looking forward to learn a lot abt our philosophy our tradition and
the literature.
thanks once again for introducing me to this group.

vaidehi,   do u live in car street? my uncle lives there. No. 46 car
street. it is closer towards the jn. with singarachari st. his name is
janardhanan. (murali - locally). they bought this house last year and
since then living there. my great inspiration and my teacher - my
parents live in tambaram presently.

Vijayaraghavan T. R.