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some thought on "Parusu Rama" Avataaram

Date: Wed Apr 05 1995 - 07:26:09 PDT

 I read the classical reference by Mr.Dileepan on this avathaaram, from 4000.
 I have not read the Sriman Naaraayanaa puraanam in complete. But my mind
 goes after certain classified information on meditation and references to
 such in each puraana I read. In Durga puraanam, it is mentioned that Lord
 "Parasu Raman",tough being an Avathaar of "aathimoolam" has to worship 
  Durga for for certain relief. ie After accomplishing his mission destroying
 shathriyaas all over, he felt that he still was followed by the cures "Maatru
 Banga Betham". ie He hacked his mother as perhis father's advise but then 
 got her own life back as a boon from his father. The action of hacking his
 own "life giver" was not nullified by the getting back the life. ie Even
 the Lord was bound by that Karma or that "action-reaction cycle" and so he
 sought the blessings of "Kanaka Durgha" (HER temple is in AP) by doing a severe penenance for years and finally got her blessings and was relieved from his
 "Karma" on "Maatru Beda bangam". This is anoter classical example that no one
 is exceptional to the Karmic cycle, and Bakthi yoga can relieve one from the
 adverse reaction due to one's bad karma's. I invite some comments and am
 interested in knowing any other such karmic references of HIS Avathaarams.
  Sorry for some typos, my key board is old and I typed it on line. I shall
 type and proof read nextg time. Bear with me
  Sam Rengi