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Srimad Ramayana Thathva Deepika- (12)

From: Ramanujamma Mudumbai (
Date: Sun Apr 28 2002 - 19:20:58 PDT

Asmad Gurubhyonamaha!!!
Jeeyar Thiruvadigale saranam!!!


Dridhavratha is one who is determined in his
deeds. A human being should have strong
determination. Whatever one plans, one should
have the grit to execute them. This strength
of will is called ‘adhyavasa:yam’. SriRama as
a human being excelled in this. As Sitha,Rama
and Lakshmana reached the forest the rishis
prayed to SriRama to rescue them from the hands
of the demons. Rama, the son of Dasaratha, the
ruler for the people inthat kingdom, thought it
his responsibility to protect those rishis and
gave his word accordingly. After giving the
promise as he returned to the ashram Seetha
confronted him saying that killing the demons to
protect the rishis is ‘adharma’. Seetha, being
the piratti wanted to ascertain how strong Rama
would be in his words.

Men commit three types of blunders due to ‘ka:ma’.
One is aspiring for another woman.
Second is resorting to lying.
The third is to harm some one without enmity.

Seetha tells Ramachandra, ”Prabhu! You don’t
aspire for other women. You never lie. But
killing the demons without hostility is not
dharma. It is nothing but ‘ka:ma-pravritthi’.
You should not do like that.”

Ramachandra replies:

“apyaham jeevitham jahya:m
thva:m va: seethe: salakshmana:m |
nathu prathijna:m samsruthya
bra:hmane:bhyo: vishe:thaha ||”

“Seetha! I don’t care to lose my life. I am not
bothered if I have to leave you. I am ready
even to leave Lakshmana. but I can never take
back my word given to the sages who are

Thus he showed his determination. He agreed to protect
Vibheeshana though Sugreeva and others did not like it,
for he was from the foe’s side. Ramachandra tells that
if anyone seeks his protection even once, he will be shielded
from his enemies and this is his ‘vratha’(religiously practised).

The Lord is a ‘dridhavratha’.
Like a farmer who untiringly cultivates his farm
year after year even though the crops fail, the
Lord is giving us bodies again and again with
strong determination on his ‘sankalpa’ (srishti)
to evolve these souls.


Mudumbai Ramanujamma
Ramanuja dasi


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