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meaning of a pasuram of nammalvar

From: P.V. Ravi (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 08:14:55 PDT

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha
Dear bhaktas
All of you would have read thiruvaymozhi of the great
saint nammalavar.
 In one of his pasurams on thiruvenkatamudayan he says
as follows ;
" kundramenthi kulir mazhaiye katthavan
andru gnalam alantha piran paran sendru ser 
thiruvenkatamamalai ondru me thozha nam vinai oyume"

Here, the alavar praises the hill very much .
in krishnavatara the lord has kept the govardna giri
to protect the cow herds. The lord in his form as
Srinivasa resides in seshagiri whish is also a sacred
hill .Here my understanding is that the word "ondrume"
represents the hill  govardana giri and sesha giri   
are one and the same .The alvar says to worship the
hill where the lord is residing .In other words he
says that every non living thing gets glorified and
sanctified by the touch of the god .I do not know
whether my understanding of the meaning of the pasuram
is correct

I shall be grateful if the complete meaning of the 
pasuram is enlightened to me by any of the members of
the bhakti group
ramanuja dasan
purisai nadathur ravi

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