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sri rama navami - rama sthuthi - 7

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 05:58:43 PDT

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

In the previous post, the substance of fifth verse was that even other
demigods accept "oh raama you are the unique and supreme lord" in the
sthuthi by viraadhan of raama. Now next verse-

Oyaadha malar ayanE mudhal aaga uLar aagi
Maayaadha vaanavarkkum maRRu ozhintha man uyirkkum
Nee aadhi mudhal thaadahi neRi muRaiyaal eenRu eduththa 
Thaai aavaar yaavarE? Dharumaththin thani moorthy!

Word by word meaning for few words: 
Ayan- brahmaa
Thaadhai- thanthai - father
Oyaadha- Oivu illaadha- with out break, continuous
Maayaadha- azhiyaadha- without destruction

Meaning: Oh Raamaa! You are the unique and single swaroopam of dharma
(personification of dharmam). That brahma, who carries out the creation work
without any break (or does not get tired in creating), was created by you
and seated in the lotus sprouting from your naval. Also you are the father
of all the dhEvaas who do not have death. You are the father of all others
also [other than the dhEvaas]. When this is so, who is the mother for all
these creations, please tell me, oh lord!

Points: 1. The address as "Dharumaththin thani moorthy!" is simply superb.
It is said "ramO vigrahavaan dharma" in samskrit. This is simply translated
in tamil as Dharumaththin thani moorthy!

2. On this dharma moorthy, there is a beautiful verse in bhagavath geetha by
arjuna in chapter11- slokam 18
thvam aksharam paramam vEdhithavyam thvamasya visvasya param nidhaanam!
Thvam avyaya: saasvatha dharma gOpthaa sanaathanasthvam purushO mathO mE!!
Meaning: Arjuna says "you are the para brahmam who is to be known as such by
the gnaanis, the supreme receptacle of this world. The permanent savior of
dharmam in this world as stated in the vEdhaas. That indestructible
paramaathmaa is you, Oh Lord!" 

3. This addressing also triggers thoughts on collecting the naamaas
connected with dharmam in the vishNu sahasranaamam in one place. They are 
dharmaadhyakshaaya nama: - 135th
sathya dharma paraakramaaya nama: - 289th
dharmaaya nama: - 403rd
dharmavidhuththamaaya nama: - 404th
dharmayoopaaya nama: - 438th
dharmagupE nama: - 475th
dharmakruthE nama: - 476th
dharmiNE nama: 477th
sathya dharmaNE nama: - 529th
sathya dharma paraayaNaaya nama: 870th

[meanings of these naamaas are covered by Sri Narasimhan krishnamachaarya
swamin in his write ups and hence I am not elaborating].

4. The doubt of viraadhan saying who is the mother- no answer is really
required since it is clear that he the supreme raama is the creator as both
father and mother. Just for our sake, the doubt is beautifully answered/
cleared in bhagavath geetha- 9-17
Pithaa aham asya jagathO maathaa dhaathaa pithaamaha: !
VEdhyam pavithram Omkaara rk saama yajurEva cha!!
Meaning: I am the father and mother of all these creations, the sustainer
(dhaathaa) and the grandfather. Whatever is to be known like sounds and its
basic OM, cleaning (pavithram karthum) agents like soorya, the vEdhaas like
rk yajur saamam are myself. 

5. Another point on this doubt of who is the mother, is answered by nam
aazhvaar in his thiru vaai mozhi- 2-3-2  - "ennaip peRRa ath thaayaay
thanthaiyaay ariyaadhana aRiviththa aththaa"- oh my father- you are my
mother and father who begot me also taught me all when I did not know
anything. So it is clear that he is mother and father rolled in one form.

5. A beauty of the verse here for the aadhi creator from nam aazhvaar- 
OnRum dhEvum ulagum uyirum maRRum yadhumillaa
AnRu naanmugan thannodu dhEvar ulagOdu uyir padaiththaan
KunRam pOl maNi maada needu thirukkurugoor adhanuL 
NinRa aadhippiraan niRka maRRaidh dheivam naadudhirE - nam aazhvaar

When nothing existed except that Lord- aadhip piRaan- kuruhoor nambi-
created this brahma- nanmugan- alongwith the dhevaas and all other living
things says aazhvaar. 

6. The creator of brahma is naaraayaNan is clear from kamban's writings
through viraadha sthuthi - which is our topic. Just a quote "Unthi ezhuntha
uruva malar thannil chanthach chathurmugan thannaip padaiththavan" -
periyaazhvaar 2-5-8

Another quote for the creator of brahma is naarayaNan is "oru pEr unthi yiru
malarth thavisil oru muRai ayanai eenRanai- thiruvezhukooRRirukkai- first
line- thavisu here means seat.

Yet another quote "Mudhal aavaar moovarE ammoovaruLLum mudhal aavaan moori
neer vaNNan" - 15 mudhal thiruvandhaadhi- it is clear that three were there
in the beginning and even in that three the very first is that moori neer
vaNNan- that dense water coloured Lord- blue coloured lord.
[Moori- valimai- thiRal- balam- dense- strong- intensified]

One more quote by thirumangai aazhvaar on this creation of brahma by
naaraayaNan- Indhuvaar sadai eesanaip payantha nanmuganai than ezhil aarum
unthi maamalar meemisaip padaiththavan 4-2-9 periya thirumozhi

9. That word Oyaadha has one more meaning that in every kalpa one brahma is
created and by that there is a continuity in the seat by different brahmaas.
This has a reference in bhagavath geethaa again in 9-7
sarva bhoothaani kounthEya prakruthim yaanthi maamikaam!
kalpakshayE punasthaani kalpaadhou visrujaamyaham!!
 Meaning: Hey arjuna at the end of each kalpa all these creations gets
imbibed in me (get attached to me in my maaya). In the beginning of the next
kalpa, I create them again including that brahma each time. So he is the

The poet kamban has just poured out the glory of raama through viraadha
sthuthi and is very enjoyable.

Before we conclude this post the next verse-
Nee aadhi paramparamum ninnavE ulagangaL
Aayaadha samayamum nin adiyavE ayal illai
TheeyOrin oLiththiyaal veLi ninRaal theengu uNdO?
Veeyaadha peru maaya viLaiyaatum vEndumO?

Dhaasan Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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