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Re: Lord RanganAthA's MahA SamprOkshaNam : Pushpam &TuLasi Kaimkaryam during the Five days of the Auspicious Uthsavam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Apr 21 2001 - 14:51:20 PDT

Dear Sri RanganAtha BhakthAs:

The plans for the MahA SamprOkshaNam for
our Lord are progressing well .It is just a month
away.The itemized budget figures have become clearer .

The Kaimkaryams other than TuLasi and Pushpa kaimkaryams 
have been identified and estimated expenditures for 
such Kaimkaryams like (1)VimAna-Kalasa Prathishtai, 
(2)EIGHT Sannidhi-Moorthi prathishtai(3) EIGHT Sannidhi Homams, 
(4)Veda /Dhivya Prabhandha PaarAyanams,(5)Preparation and 
distribution(viniyOgam) of Bhagavath PrasAdham
(annam) for the many anticipated BhakthAs visiting
the temple on all the five days of the celebration 
et al have been finalized . Being such a major event , 
there will be significant expenses beyond the Tulasi
and Pushpa Kaimkaryams . 

The official invitation from the Pomona Temple on behalf of
the Dhivya dampathis will be sent shortly to You all. 
Srimathi Padmaja ParthasArahty and Dr. Shasikala ParthasArathy  
Iyengar in co-operation with Dr. ParthasArathy Dileepan will
be mailing out the invitations for participation in 
the MahOthsavam during the coming week. AdiyEn thanks
them for their tireless efforts to send out the invitations
to all of the BhaghavathAs and their families. 

Please plan to participate and receive the blessings of 
the Dhivya dampathis at their new home right amidst us. 
The darsanam of PraNavAkAra VimAnam and the Moorthys at 
the Eight Sannidhis during the occasion of MahA SamprOkshaNam 
is one of the greatest BhAgyams. Hence, Please plan to attend .  

May I request the following 19 BhakthAs , 
who have contributed sofar to the Pushpa/TuLasI 
kaimkaryam samarpanam send their mailing addresses 
to Srimathi Padmaja ParthasArathy ( 
directly so that she can add your names to the Master Mailing List 
for the Invitation to the MahA samprOkshaNam? We do not wish 
to miss any one of the Sri RanganAtha BhakthAs , who are
supporting this Uthsavam with Shrama DhAnam and
Dhana samarpaNam for the different kaimkaryams :

Sponsors of TuLasi and Pushpa Kaimkaryams
1.Sri Diwakar Kannan of California: $108 
2.Sri RK of NJ :$100 
3.Sri G.Srinivas: $100 
4.Sri Haresh Balasubramanian of Singapore:$100 
5.Srimathi Sheela Belur of MD: $216 
6.Sri G.S.Ananathakrishna of Indonesia: $100
7.Sri SukumAran of Indonesia :$100 
8.AdiyEn, NY :$206 
9.Sri LakshminarayaNan, NY:200
10.Sri K.Srinivasan & Smt.Indu Srinivasan,CO:250 
11.Sri Narasimhachari, VA:$100
12.Sri Srikanth, Bangalore: $100
13.Sri MadhavakaNNan, Singapore : $108 
14.Jayashree Narasimhan, Singapore : $101
15.Narendran,MA: $101
16.C.Ramesh, CO: $50
17.Rangaprasad: $101
18.Venkatesh Sarangan, NY: $25
19.ThillaisthAnam Krishnan, IL: $ 51

Total=$ 2217

Due to special arrangements , the anticipated expeneses
for TuLasi and Pushpa Kaimkaryams have come down and
therefore the pledged Contributions of the above 19 BhakthAs 
can be stretched to cover other items as well.
Here is a breakdown of the Budgetary Items for
all the FIVE Days :

1.Pushpam ----------------> $501
2.TuLasi----------------- > $250
3.Fruits------------------> $108
4.Dry Fruits for Homams---> $111
5.Veda PaarAyaNam---------> $501
6.Vasthram for Moolavar
  Lord RanganAthA---------> $501
7.Vasthram for other Seven
  Moolavars---------------> $251

Total ----------------> $ 2,223

The amount pledged sofar ($2217) will 
thus cover all of the above items .We have
four additional major items .adiyEn will
describe one of the Four major items below
(viz)., Anna DhAnam . 

We need another 2,501$ for Anna DhAnam for
all SevArthis , who will be visiting the temple 
on all Five days of the MahA SamprOkshaNam.

We anticipate a very large group of BhakthAs and their 
families to visit the temple on the MahA SamprOkshanam 
day .ChithrAnnams will be prepared by a group of
volunteers in the Temple Kitchen, offered to 
the Dhivya dampathis first and then anna dhAnam 
(PrasAda ViniyOgam ) will take place every day 
and through out each of the five days. 

Sponsorships for NaivEdhyam for the dhivya dampathis
and distribution of such sacred food for the BhakthAs
visiting the temple are urgently needed.

Ten BhakthAs at the level of $250 each or Tweny Five
BhakthAs at $100 level each could easily cover this
gap at this time.The amount can be less than 100$
also. Please mark your checks as Anna DhAnam for
tax deduction purposes. 

Once we are able to realize the needed sum for Anna DhAnam ,
we can blend the contributions of all the sponsors 
so that your support can be integrated to cover 
all the following eight Kaimkaryams for the Five Days :

(1) Pushpam (2) TuLasi (3)Fruits (4) Homam Materials
(5)Veda /Dhivya Prabhandha PaarAyaNams (6) Vasthram
for Moolavar , Sri RanganAthan(7) Vasthram for 
the Moolavars at the  other Seven Sannidhis and 
(8) Anna DhAnam . 

AdiyEn will decribe the remaining three Major 
Kaimkaryams next time: (1) Ninteen Kalasa SamprOkshaNams
(2)Eight Sannidhi Homams and (3) Eight Sannidhi 


Please support generously and the dhivya dampathis 
will bless You all abundantly , although our Kaimkaryams
does not expect anything in return from Them in a material
sense. Kaimkaryam to Dhivya Dampathis, AchAryAs and
BhaagavathAs is Parama PurushArtham for us on this Earth

All of your contributions can be sent to :

Sri RanganAtha SevA Samithi
125 Old Route 202
Pomona , NY 10970

Please copy me on your pledges so that 
adiyEn can keep track of our target goals 
and come back to you with the good news on 
reaching these goals As Soon As Possible .

Jayathu , Jayathu Sri RanganAtha:
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan  

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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