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Issues before Srivaishnavism - 4

From: TCA Venkatesan (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 08:41:38 PDT

Dear BhaktAs,

I wanted to conclude my recent postings on issues 
that face us with this note. First, I want to thank 
those that made comments and suggestions to my posts. 
I will respond to your thoughts in this post.

The sentiments I have expressed are nothing new either

in these forums or even back in India. These are made 
in private often by folks from either kalai and in 
public once in a while by the leaders. So what is the 
purpose of my lament now. 

There are two things to note. One is that what are the

steps that anyone can take to follow up. Where there 
is inaction, the words are plain empty.

One is at the personal level. 1. My suggestion is that

we educate ourselves and anyone we can on the entire 
sampradhAyam and all our AchAryAs. 2. We start 
reciting taniyans and vAzhi tirunAmams at homes 
without bar on sect. While this may be common practice

already overseas, it is particularly important that it

happens in India. As one correspondent pointed out, 
folks outside of India see it from a different angle 
than those who live at the divyadEsams. Hence, the 
importance in that it happens in India. The change 
itself can only start from the homes, before it can 
happen at the temples. 3. Ask those that give talks 
and upanyAsams if they can recommend similar steps in 
their talks. This would have tremendous influence on 
very many people.

Second is at the community level. As another person 
pointed out, for those of us who live overseas it is 
even more difficult to express our thoughts publicly 
back home as we may be brushed off. So what can we do.

1. Speak out wherever you can. There are some who do 
have influence at the divyadEsams - then, do not 
hesitate to use it. 2. If that is not possible, talk 
to those who have power to influence in your 
AchAryA's mutt or household. Imagine the power of a 
statement coming from AchAryAs on their sishyakOtis, 
even if it is expressed only in private. 3. When you 
have the opportunity, talk to upanyAsakars and ask 
them what they think can be done. Ask them to address 
these issues in their talks and not ignore them. 
4. A request to those who organized the Yati Sammelan.
If there is a second meeting, please request the 
Yati's to address this. Not the usual let's be united 
kind of talk; but, about them making very specific 

Regarding the issue at Tirumalai, I do not have much 
more detail or who to contact. I will try to find some

information and contacts and post it. The important 
thing is that the sAtthumaRai be not stopped. However,

I do agree with the readers who pointed out that 
there have to be very strict rules as to who form 
the gOshti.

Finally, as one reader mentioned this is not about 
unification of the sects. It is about the unity
Unity in diversity as we like to say time and again 
in India. The sampradhAyams need to exist and 
flourish, but they don't have to fight each other 
while losing on common ground.

adiyEn madhurakavi dAsan
TCA Venkatesan

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