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hi all

From: Prabhu Srinivas (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 08:22:19 PDT

hi everybody. judging by the slew of messages pertaining to the practices and not the philosophy of srivaishanvism in this mailing list, i initially wanted to unsubscribe myself. but then i thought i'll give it a try... will test the waters for a few more days.

anyways, i am prabhu srinivas and since a person seems to be identified by his education, i've done my from iit-madras and am currently studying in iim-ahmedabad.

my interest stems not from the fact that i'm by birth a member of this community but from an article (thankfully by a foreigner) i read a few days back on the different interpretations of ramayana by the two sects. i was intrigued to say the least and i hope my interactions with this group will clear my mind. unfortunately i can't say hi-falutin words like "daasan" etc. forgive me for that.

in reply to mr. venkatesan's earnest mails on some sort of pseudo-unification of the two sects, i would like to say that exclusivity is better even if it leads to differences of opinion. better to ignore it rather than trumpet it as an issue and create mayhem when there's none. (as it is i'm sure it is a cause of "concern" to one of the sects that the temple share between the sects is terribly disproportionate to the respective people shares - that can't be changed i think, now or ever.)

thanks and regards,

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