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SriVaishnava Calendar -- (A never ending question!)

From: Rajeev Karamchedu (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 09:40:02 PDT



I would like to post some questions regarding the
determination SriVaishnava Calendar.
I searched through the archives and found that
though this topic has been dealt with numerous times, no
conclusive answer was found/posted. I request those who
are well-versed in the calculation of panchangam to enlighten

1) Are there any differences between difft. sampradayams when
calculating and observing thithis ? Thithi calculation should essentially be 
the same for a particular place but their manner of
observance may differ between sampradayams. Can the enlightened
members here comment on the guiding principles for identifying
the thithis/Nakshatrams ? (For e.g. determining of Ekadashi)

2) Which is more important in connecting to English dates ?
Thithi or Nakshatram ? When celebrating various ThiruNakshatrams,
is the deciding entity thithi or Nakshatram.
what happens if a day has the Nakshatram but thithi falls on
a different day ? Which one do we select for observing the ThiruNakshatram ? 
Ofcouse, the name itself means "Nakshatram" but
I would like to get your comments.

3) Observance of Ekadashi, from my understanding of Astrology, which
is quite limited, HAS to account for the location and local sunrise.
Then why is that we follow panchangams made in India without applying
any time adjustments!

These questions may be very often posted, but I was not able
to find a decent answer. If other bhaktas have any information,
I would appreciate your feedback.

All errors in this post are mine and unintended. Please pardon



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