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Fwd: TN celebrations - Summary by Sri Krishna Kumar

From: Rajeev Karamchedu (
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 12:35:42 PDT


My humble thanks to Sri Krishna for providing this beautiful
summary of the celebrations at Mysore. I look forward to reading
more articles by him and other bhaktas who have had the
opportunity of attending the event(s).



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Hi Rajeev,

	I am grateful to you for making me go the Acharya
Tirunakshatram. Truely it was a memorable event.

	Though I went a bit late on sunday at 12:00pm I could
make it to the Poornahuti of the Sudarsana Homam and
got the Rakshai. Later we got the Thirtham and Shatari
from H.H Sri Parakala swamy and later recieved the
prasadam and the Aashirvadam. Had the Darshanam of Sri
Lakshmi Hayagreeva swamy.

       Then our Sri Parakala swamy was wished by none
other than our Perumal and piratti and the Acharyas of
the following divya desams.

1. Sri Ranganayaki sametha Sri Ranga Perumal presented
HH with the Pushpa Haram
2. Sri Perundevi thayar sametha Sri Devaraja Perumal
presented HH with the Pushpa haram
3. Sri Vijaya Raghava swamy of Thiruvallur divya desam
near Madras presented HH with the Pushpa haram and a
4. Sri Yadugiri Naachiyar sametha  ThiruNarayanan
presented HH with the Pushpa Haram
5. Sri Ramanujar of Sri Perumbadur presented the
Acharya with Pushpa haram and Kaashaaya Vastram
6. Sri Thoopul Nigamantha Maha desikar presented the
Acharya with the Thiru Thalai haram.
7. Sri Aalermel Mangai Thayar and Thiruvengada
Mudaiyaan presented Acharya with the Pushpa haram

This event was a moving one. Our great Acharyas, the
father and mother of the universe were presenting
their dear son with various gifts... Truely a great

       Later,there was a brief talk by H.H Sri
Rangapriya Swamigal wishing him on the Tirunakshatram
of our Prakritam Sri Parakala swamy and also by our

        Later on in the day Sri Parakala swamy went to
have the darshan of Sri Varaaha swamy and there was
the utsavam of Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevar(which i could
not attend)

        I managed to capture some photos, however i
cannot promise the quality of the photos as there was
a lot of crowd and could make only a few snaps - pls
forgive me. I will try to scan it and post it to you
by this week.

        Will write to you more on the excerpts of the
speech of Sri Parakala swamy and Sri Rangapriya swamy

reply back,
Krishna Kumara dasan.

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