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Eyewitness account of prakritam parakalaswami thirunakshatram celebrations

From: Srinath Chakravarty (
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 12:23:24 PDT

Dear bhaktas:  I am very grateful to my father for sending me the
following email, and especially for taking the trouble to ensure that
the contributors' information was accurately received by the mutt.
"C.K. Srinivasan" wrote:

We had been to mysore for the thirunakshatram of parakala swamigal.
It was largely attended by bhagavathas and disciples.  Prominent among
those  present were sri rangapriya swamigal, sri  N.S. anantha rangachariar
and sri anantha rangan. sri anantha rangan avargal had been given the
sacred task of performing sudarshana homam.

We were lucky the sudarshana homam continued and concluded on
22/4/2001{sunday -IST} we had the great darshanam of perumal sri
lakshmi-hayagreeva, araadhanam and sattumurai was performed in real
vedic style with chanting of relevant portions of divya prabandam, and
ended with swamy desikan's divya mangalashasanam.

We paid our obeisance to lord, the acaryas and received their blessings.
We met many known contacts in the ghosti.  There was mahaprasadam
to all assembled as a part of annadanam program.  Sri rangapriya swami
and sri parakala swamigal gave short speeches.  Mainly it was a request to
all devotees to work for reviving the glory of parakala mutt and contribute
generously towards that.  The recent efforts of parakalaswamy with regard
to the successful completion of the sri laksmi hayagreeva samudaya bhavan
in mysore were remembered.  Just before this many temples greeted and
honored parakala swamy on his thiru nakshatram with parivattam and
garlands sent through the representatives of the following:

     1....veera raghavaswami kovil.....thiruvallur
     2....deshikar sannidhi ............mylapore chennai
     3.....andal kovil..................sri villiputtur
     4.....sri ramar kovil ...........sosale
     5.....sri venkateswara kovil...........tirumalai
     6.....srinivasar kovil......mysore
     7.....hayagreeva sannidhi........chennai
     8.....deshikar sannidhi..........thooppul
     9.....srimad andavan periyashramam
     10....srimad ahobila mutt...........etc....

After thadiyaradhanai both parakala swamy and sri rangapriya swamy
gave their ashirvadam speech to the gathering. sri varaaha swamy with
consort sreedevi and bhoodevi {utsava moorthy}from mysore palace
temple, was brought under mutt's mariyadai.  Belief is that perumal will
bless all on this auspicious occasion as a part of the tradition which is
going on for several years.

Sri raman who noted the list of seva donors from usa is studying for
diploma in computer science and stays in the mutt.  He is learning veda
parayanam in the mutt and he is ably assisting the mutt in the daily
activities including worship of perumal.

The list was correctly noted {i had carried one written copy and it has
been correctly recorded and sevas performed}.  Jeer was happy to
know about the kainkaryam sevas from the bhaktas and shisyas in usa
and other countries.  We explained the efforts of svss in supporting many
srivaishnava projects and also helping parakalamutt.

We have also requested for some photographs taken on the occasion.
It may take few days to receive and i shall send it later.  I will send all
acknowledgements, mantrakshatai and seshavastrams as applicable by
sea mail after all items are received.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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