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A Pasuram of Thirumazhisai Alwar

From: P.V. Ravi (
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 07:13:19 PDT

Dear Bhakatas,
Some time back I have read a pasuram of Thirumazhisai
It is as follows.
'nerivasal thaneyai nindranai Ayinthu porivasal
pokkathavam saarthi arivanam alamara neezhal aram
nalvarkku andruraitha alamamar kandatharan.'
The meaning is that Lord Siva is saying that by
controlling his 'Pulans' he was able to understand
Lord Narayana. 
But the Alwar is saying that even the Alwar cannot
understand the Lord with his utmost devotion. 
The Alwar places himself much above Lord Siva in
realising the Lord Narayana. The word "Arivanaam"
means even when I can't understand the Lord fully how
Lord Shiva can understand the the Lord Narayana so
He says that the Lord Narayana is the 'neri(marga)'
and 'vasal (entrance to moksha)'.
I was very much moved by the word 'arivanaam' used by
the Alwar.
I thought I can share this with the Bhakti Group.

Purisai Nadathur Ravi

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