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srirama navami- rama sthuthi-6

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 03:32:59 PDT

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

In the previous post of viraadhan's sthuthi of raamaa, we saw the "birth
less" [piRappil pal piravip perumaan] Lord taking several births and deaths
sportingly and he likes it to do, to preserve the dharmam [dharma
samrakshaNam]. Now the next verse.

Pani ninRa perum piRavik kadal kadakkum puNai paRRi
nani ninRa samayaththOr ellaarum nanru enna
Thani ninRa thaththuvaththin thagai moorthy nee aagin 
Ini ninRa mudhal dhEvar en koNdu en seivaarE!

[In some versions puNai is replaced with padi, which is a paada bEtham.
Meaning for both is given.]

Word by word meaning for few words: 
Pani- snow- dew
Pani- thunbam- sorrow
Pani- achcham - fear
Pani- kuLirchchi- chilliness

PuNai- theppam - barge - small boat

Padi - noun- step
Padi- noun- measure
Padi- noun- bata - allowance
Padi- verb- read
Padi- neRi- means, rule or route

Nani - miguthiyaana - large 
Nani -  enji ninRa- residual

Thagai- periya - big
Thagai- iyalbu- nature
Thagai- azhagu- beauty

Samayam - vELai- time
Samayam - matham - religion or faith or belief

Meaning: Oh raamaa- you are the first and most important of all dhEvaas. You
are the form of truth and beauty. All religions and faiths, which claim they
help people of this world cross the sorrowful ocean of births and deaths,
say to you "well you are the sole leader" and specially positioned to give
that liberation. When your position is like this what followers of other
demigods and these demigods can do, with the help of what. Answer is "They
can not do anything without you". 

Points:1. In the bhagavath geetha bhagavan says 
YE yadhaa maam prapadhyanthE thaamsthathaiva bhajaamyaham!
Mama varthmaanuvarthanthE manushyaa: paartha sarvasa:!! 4-11 
Meaning: Hey Arjuna whoever worships in whatever form I only give them the
desired fruits. People in all ways and means worship me only. 

This viraadhan expresses this so nicely to raama. Whatever be the tall
claims by other dhEvathaas or religions, it is you, oh raama, who is the
supreme- the giver of all. See the words- nanRu enna thani ninRa- dhEvar en
koNdu en seivaarE- they come and say "well- you are the one- giver" and he
stands tall- means they start accepting "you are our Lord".

2. Here is a classic verse from 8-9-8 kaliyan in periya thirumozhi 
KaRRaaR paRRu aRukkum piRavip perunkadalE
PaRRaa vanthu adiyEn piRanthEn piRantha pinnai
VaRRaa neer vayal soozh vayalaali ammaanaip
PeRREn peRRadhum piRavaamaip peRREnE 

Prose order: 
aRukkum piRavip perunkadalE paRRaa vanthu adiyEn piRanthEn.
 piRantha pinnai vaRRaa neer vayal soozh vayalaali ammaanai KaRRaaR paRRup
peRRadhum piRavaamai peRREnE!
- meaning: That cutting or sawing or troublesome ocean of births and deaths
had the binding on me and forced me to give another birth. After getting
this birth, I did get hold the blessings of the learned (aachaaryaas). By
that I also did get hold the feet of that Lord of thiruvaali kshEthram- Once
I got the hold of those feet I got liberation from this cycle of births and
See words convey same meaning in both - thani ninRa thaththuvaththin thagai
moorthy nee -perum piRavik kadal kadakkum puNai nee- nani ninRa samayaththOr
ellaarum nanru enna ninRavan nee. 

3. ThirukkuRaL says- 
PaRRuga paRRaRRaan paRRinai appaRRai
PaRRuga paRRu vidarKu
PaRRuga [catch] paRRu [likes] aRRaan [ one who does not have]
PaRRinai [feet] appaRRai [those feet] PaRRuga [catch] paRRu [ likes] vidarKu
[to leave].
Meaning: To get liberation from this attachment, catch hold of the feet of
that lord who has no likes and dislikes. 

Another thirukkural says "PiRavip perunkadal neendhuvar neendhaathaar
iraivan adi sEraadhaar". Those who do not think the feet of the lord will
not be able to get liberation from this ocean of births and deaths.

4. "Nummin kavi koNdu num num itta dheivam Eththinaal semmin sudar mudi em
thirumaalukku chErumE" nam aazhvaar in thiruvaaimozhi 3-9-6
Kamban says all other gods come and say well oh you are the person. Which
really mean he is the supreme lord. Here aazhvaar says whatever is the ishta
dheivam of you, oh folks, all these worships finally reach my thirumaal-
sriman naaraayaNan. Simple tamil- super meaning.

5. Pani ninRa perum piRavik kadal kadakkum puNai paRRi nani ninRa
samayaththOr ellaarum nanru enna thani ninRa thaththuvaththin thagai moorthy
If you consider these lines in another way- this birth, when connected with
the lord, helps to get liberation from the repeated births and deaths cycle.
So this birth has become a cool birth (pani ninra). This birth has also
become the cool ship and helps me to cross that birth death cycle cold
ocean. This cool birth ship also helps to reach that cool lord who stands
again in that cool milk ocean. 

6. Thaththuvaththin thagai moorthy- the lord of all philosophies- maRai
moorthy- lord of all vedhaas- kuRai onRum illai maRai moorthy kaNNaa- a song
by rajaji. 

Oh! lovely way of sthothram on raamaa by kamban through the mouths of

Before we conclude this post the next verse-
Oyaadha malar ayanE mudhal aaga uLar aagi
Maayaadha vaanavarkkum maRRu ozhintha man uyirkkum
Nee aadhi mudhal thaadahi neRi muRaiyaal eenRu eduththa 
Thaai aavaar yaavarE? Dharumaththin thani moorthy!

Meaning and certain points will be given in next post.

Dhaasan Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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