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From: Mani (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 10:09:52 PDT

Dear Bhaktha Kotigale, Koti Namaskaram-s 

I need guidance and help from our August and Exalted Bhaktha-s.

We at Pewaukee -a small suburb of Wisconsin- are now having a beautiful temple complex built by the greatest kindness of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu, and with tireless endeavors of the people of Wisconsin.Our Directors did yeoman service to Hindus at Wisconsin by building this great temple of Lord Vishnu. We are going in a steady, step-by-step fashion to achieve our cherished goals at the earliest. Our fund raising activities are in full swing, through the help of Lord Vishnu.

For understanding Agama rules, regarding temple Moolavar Sri Maha Vishnu dimensions (height of murti-s Sri Gananpathi, Sri Rama Parivar, Sri Anjaneya, Sri Radha/Sri Krishna, Sri Devi/Boodevi/Neela Devi, Sri Siva/Sri Parvathy, Sri Durga, Navagraha-s)rules on installation, Kumbabishekam, consecration, utsava murti installation and religious procedures, we need some more guidance in this regard; priests from neighboring states have opined in general are very helpful too; yet, as we must do the completion in an authentic way, I request our august group of learned scholars at Bhakthi List for help in understanding vital rules. Please help.
We are about to begin the sculpting of the divya murti-s. Could your enlightened Bhaktha Koti-s guide us in any-whatever-way, to lead us to any reading material, discussion notes, useful references/ links, rules, procedures etc for our benefit?

Namaskaram-s a million to Bhagavatha-s and to the Lord Vishnu. 

M.C. Mani
367 Kristin Court
Brookfield, WI  53045

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