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APPEAL: ParakalaSwami thirunakshatram

From: Srinath Chakravarty (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 15:46:02 PDT

Sree lakshmi hayagreeva parabrahmaNE namaH

Dear bhaktas:  adiyEn would like to draw your kind attention
to the upcoming celebration of prakritam (36th) Parakalam
swami's 67th. thirunakshatram.  The parakala matham as we
all know, is a renowned ancient institution directly connected
with Swami Desikan through brahmatantra swatantrar, and also
to bhagavad Ramanujar - through its inheritance of the lakshmi
hayagreevar vigraham that udayavar received at the Sri. Sarada
peetham in Kashmir [See: ]

During the 10-day period from 19th. through 28th. April 2001,
the Mysore matham plans to commemorate the thirunakshatram
of present Jeer as well as the previous (35th.) Jeer, both of
which occur within days of one another, and right before Sri.
Ramanujar jayanthi.  Here is a brief description of the program
(at the main location near Jaganmohan palace, Mysore).
[1] 19-28 April 2001 [ALL 10 DAYS]
      Morning & Evening Veda and Prabandha parayanam
      + Cultural program from 6-8 pm.

[2] 19-21 April 2001 [three days]
      Morning & evening PurushaSuktam, SreeSuktam and
      Sudarshana Homam + Veda and Prabanda parayanam.

[3]  22 April 2001 [prakritham Swami's 67th thirunakshatram]
       Sri Abhinava Vageesha Brahamatantra Swathantra (36th)
       Parakala Swami's thirunakshatram (Chittarai Revathi).
       Morning: Sri Hayagreevar thirumanjanam and satthumurai.
       Evening: Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva and Sri Ramanuja utsavam

[4]  26 April 2001 [periya swami's thirunakshatram]
      Sri Ramanuja Brahamatantra Swatantra Parakala Swamy (35th)
      thirunakshatram (Chittarai Rohini) + satthumurai.

[5]  28 April 2001
      Sri Ramanujacharyar thirunakshtram, satthumurai.

(1)  Devotees may kindly take part in any single homam at
       a cost of U.S. $ 11/- OR
(2)  They may kindly contribute U.S. $ 41/- to have homams
       performed in their name for all 3 days AND be presented
       with a sEshavastram.
(3)  Persons desirous of conducting annadanam/thadhiyaradhanai
       in their names on any ONE of the 10 days may kindly
       contribute U.S. $ 108/-
* [Please provide full name, address and gotram information] *
  -- OR --
(4)  Devotees may also make a general contribution of any
       amount desired, towards the expenses of the celebration.

Bhaktas and parakalamutt abhimanis are requested to join in this
kainkaryam at ANY of these levels, and earn the blessings of
parakala matham AchAryan and Sri. Lakshmi Hayagriva perumaL.
Please extend your financial support to these commemorations to
whatever extent possible.  Even small, "general" contributions to
the matham go a long way in helping the future of this institution.

Tax-deductible contributions may be sent through Sri Vaishnava
Seva Samithi, by credit card online (paypal's secure system) at:  [Please click on
the "Acharya Thirunakshatram Celebrations" link]

Or by cheque, to:

C/O Smt. Nagu Satyan
7821 West Alder Drive
Littleton, CO 80128

Kindly annotate your cheque with the CAUSE (i.e. parakalamutt
Acharya thirunakshatram) and the LEVEL (i.e. homam, annadanam,
or general).  As you will notice, the events are only a few days from
now - therefore if you are sending a cheque, kindly send a message
to [Email:] about your contribution ahead
of time.  Thank you all in anticipation.

All contributors/sponsors will receive acknowledgements from the
mutt + receipts from SVSS for tax purposes.  If any problems with
remitting the contributions for homams on time, other arrangements
will be made with parakala matham to appropriately recognize your
valuable contribution.  If any questions please email Sri. Rajeev
Karamchedu ( or Smt. Nagu Satyan
( anytime.

adiyEn ramanuja dasan,
-Srinath C.

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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