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45th Annual Aradhanam celebrations of HH Thillasthanam Swamigal

From: padmini ranganathan (
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 10:57:51 PDT

 Dear all,

45th Annual Aradanam celebrations of HH 'Sri Thillasthanam swamy will be 
held on prasanna krishnaswamy temple,Thulasithottam,Bangalore.

Parayanams will start on Saturday evening. There will be thiruvaimozhi parayanam followed by nityanusandhanam, Ramanuja nootandadi, desika prabandhams etc. Also there will be Veda parayanams followed by utsavam of the srimoorthi of Thillasthanam Swamigal,(there is a moorthi of Swamigal and also a separate sannidhi for Adivan Satagopar ) sattumurai, theertham and sripadatheertha  viniyogam, prasadam etc. Devotees are requested to attend and take the blessings of Swamigal.

A brief note about HH Thillasthanam Swamigal:

Swamy's name is Poorvashram was 'Neela meghacharya' and was born in the
dynasty of 24th jeer of ahobila mutt.After upanayanam at the age of 
seven,he pursued vedic studies,philosophy,later he joined the service of Ahobila 
mutt and continued his studies.In course of time,he joined the panel of 
Aradakas at the mutt,to worship Malola Lakshmi Narasimha.Later he served also as  the personal staff of 38th jeer of the mutt-sri srinivasa satagopa 
mahadesikan and continued his studies. One day he heard a voice in his dream"Put to use your wide knowledge  for the
good of people and promote srivaishnavism"
This made Neela megacharya think and decided to take sanyashram.With 
the blessings of the then Jeer of Ahobilamutt,he took sanyashram on 30.9.1914 and assumed the name "Sri Satagopa  Ramanuja Mahadesikan" as he belonged to Thillasthanam,he was popularly called  "Sri thillasthanam swamy".He worked tirelessly to promote sanathana dharma  and srivaishnavism.His wide knowledge and ability to retreive them  spontaneously to explain any point of doubt,earned him large number of admirers and disciples.Infact,he became a symbol of authority and all would consult  him on every matter- construction of temple,worship procedures at temples,various rituals etc.He was also very good teacher.

Sri thillasthanam swamy kanikarya sabha was formed in 1956 to 
commemorate his memory.

The details of sriswamy,the sabha etc are available on web-site.

Ramanuja dasi

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