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Some doubts

From: Rangarajan Priyamvadha (
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 08:11:17 PDT

              Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha
              Sri Vara Vara Munaya Namaha

Pranams to all  

I had joined this group, recently and enjoying the discussions.   This is my first post.  

1.  Can anyone learn Sama Vedam or only those who belong to particular Vedam should learn it.  Swamy Vedanta Desikan who was an Yajurvedi mastered Sama Vedam.

2. What does Atharva Veda primarily contain, why it is not taught?

3.  Is there any scientific explanation for wearing of "metti" by ladies, after marriage.

4.  I have read that a soul gets a human birth after 
84 lakhs janmas.   Does that mean that human birth is the last or will a human be born as something else.

5.  As per Sastras, female should not chant or even hear Gayathri Mantra as lot of energy is generated upon chanting and that female cannot endure that energy.  That's the reason why even men chant it inwardly. 
Thanks to commercialisation, today we find Gayathri Mantra is  blown through speakers, aloud and people are advised by some persons by TV programmes  to chant it,  regardless of gender or caste, etc., How to stop this.

6.  Gautama Buddha does not figure in as one of the Dasa Avataras, but he is depicted as one of the Dasa Avataras in many of the books instead of Bala Ramar.  Even the books published by Tirupati Devasthanam depict him as an Avatara of Vishnu. The youth, deem the books published by the Devasthanam as an authority and often get swayed by such wrong information.  How to stop this.

Thanks in advance.

Azhwar-Emperumanar Tiruvadigale Sharanam



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