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[tiruvengadam] Inputs for CD ROM : XII.3-- Thirumangai AzhwAr's Six prabhandhams: ThiruvEzhukURRirukkai

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 06:14:19 PDT

Dear BhakthAs: 

Today is Vishu New Year PuNya Kaalam.
adiyEn's hearty wishes for a happy , healthy and 
Spiritually Fulfilling New Year marked by
Bhagaavth-BhAgavatha-AchArya kaimkaryams to You all !

adiyEn will cover now the fifth Prabhandam
of Thirumangai Mannan . This is a single poem consisting
of 46 lines (adikaL).It is set in the style of AasiriappA .
It is housed in the IyaRppA section as a prabhandham .

In his Prabhandham of ThirunedumthANDakam ,Kaliyan referred
to his thoughts dwelling on Thirukkudanthai AarAvamudhan:
" TaNN Kudanthai kidantha Maalai NediyAnai adinAyEn 
ninaintittEnE ". That thought led to Kaliyan's sankalpam to
create a special prabhandham for Lord AarAvamudhan .

He was a chthushkavi SikhAmaNi and therefore he decided
to use his talents here  as a Chithra Kavi . He used 
the formation of a Ratham ( thEr) containing seven levels of 
construction (yEzhu KURRirukkai). The Chitthirai thEr 
for Lord AarAvAmudhan is a famous one , which is drawn 
around the streets of Kudanthi during during Chitthirai
BrahmOthsavam for Him . Keeping this thEr uthsavam perhaps 
in mind , Thirumangai Mannan composed a special chithra khAvyam
to visualize the seven tiers of a thEr (RaTam) and seated 
AarAvamudhan at the center of it and saluted His anantha
KalyANa GuNams and AparyApthAmurutha SvarUpam . 

The ratha Bhandham as one of the formations used by
chithra kavi Thirumangai Mannan and the high lights of
ThiruvEzhukURRirukkai have been described in the following 
three articles :

1.Sri Gunaseelan  Venakatachary:
  bhakti-list/message 11202 ( Formation of the ratha bhnadham)

2.V.Sadagopan :
  This is an introduction  to the sabdhAlankAram and general
  purport .

3.V.Sadagopan :
  This contains commentary on select passages of 
  ThiruvEzhu kURRirukkai(TVK).

Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan's recent release (2000 CE) on
IyaRppA contains an excellent translation of TVK.Here ,
Dr.VNV quotes a slOakm that is appropriate for the occasion:

" raTastham Kesavam dhrushtvA Punarjanma na vindhathi"

This pasage of slOkam celebrates the glory of
RaTOthsavam and darsanam of the Lord in His raTam
(ThEr) and points out that any one who has the darsanam 
of the Lord in His chariot would not be born again.
This chariot can be reference to the One in which
He sat as Saarathi or can be to the Chitthirai ThEr
at Thirukkudanthai or it could be to the stone chariot
with wheels and all (Bhaaskara VimAnam )in which
AarAvamudhan gives BhakthAs His darsanam in His
Garbaha gruham .He arrived on this chariot to
wed Sri Komalavalli, the daughter of Hema Rishi.

This is the month of Chitthirai and Agni Hothram 
Sri RaamAnujAa TatAchAr is continuing his seventy
year old Kaimkaryam of Veda PaarAyaNam for 
AarAvamudhan and he has written to me about 
support for this year's support for Veda PaarAyaNam
during the ChaithrOthsavam. Those who wish to
support this Kaimkaryam are welcome to contact me.

On this first day of Chitthirai , adiyEn submits 
with humility this short write up on Thirumangai
Mannan's ThiruvEzhu KURRirukkai at the sacred feet of
Sri KomaLa Valli SamEtha Sri SaarangapANi of 

adiyEn concludes this note with the taniyans
for TVK:

AarOha theevyavarOhana saali sankhya-
ghOshtakramarthi tala sabhdhaka sObhitham Ya:
PoorNamruthasya niramAth nijavAnghnibhandham 
Bhavyam RaTam sa kalijith Jayathu Sriyai na:

SeerAr Thiruvezhu kURRIrukkai yennum SenthamizhAl
Aaraa Amudhan KudanthaippirAn adiyiNaikkeezh
yErAr MaRaipporuL yellaam yedutthu ivvulahu uyya
sOrAmaRcchonna AruLmAri Paadham ThuNai namakkE

AzhwAr EmperumAnAr Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Vaazhi Azhagiya Singar ThirunAmam Vaazhi ,
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan            

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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