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[tiruvengadam] Inputs for CD ROM : XII.3-- Thirumangai AzhwAr's Six prabhandhams: ThirukkuRunthANDakam and Thiru NedumthANDakam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Apr 12 2001 - 07:03:51 PDT

Dear BhakthAs: In this posting , adiyEn will
provide an introduction to the two ThANDakams 
of Thirumangai Mannan and provide additional references  
to earlier write-ups on these two moving Prabhandhams
dealing with AzhwAr's NirvEdham , MahA VisvAsam in the Lord ,
the Rakshakathvam and Bhaktha Vaatsalyam of the Lord .
The three earlier postings related to these two
aruLiccheyalkaLs archived in the Bhakthi List are:


Taniyan for ThirukkurunthANDakam (Laghu ThANdakam)
adhigathamanurarchA-kshEthra-yAthrAparO Ya:
krutha vibhavanuthiscchAsahyasatthO bhavEabhUth
sisuriva jananIm svam Devam athyakthukAmO
vyadhitha sa laghuroopam ThANDakam tamm namAmi

In the magnificent Periya Thirumozhi, Thirumangai
expressed his immense aanandhAnubhavam of MangaLAsAsanam
of the EmperumAns of the 86 dhivya dEsams as well as
the VibhavAvathAra PerumALs . He celebrated the Moola
manthram and its glories and yet did not see any hint
from the Lord about invitation to join Him in Parama padham 
to enjoy the Paripoorna BrahmAnubhavam there. As a result ,
AzhwAr experienced nirvEdham .Sri Vaikunta Nathan however 
had other ideas .He wanted to enjoy some more paasurams 
from His dear devotee.AzhwAr restated his case for 
joining the Lord at Sri Vaikuntam and thus were born
the two ThANDakams. In these two ThANDakam , AzhwAr 
jumps over ( thANDuthal) the sorrows of SamsAram 
and is immersed in the Bhagavath anubhavam. ThANDakam
is also a type of Prabhandham in Tamil poetry .
The one set in shorter length ( aRuseerkkazhi nedilAsiriya
viruttham ) became ThirukkuRunthANDakam (TKT)and the one with
eight fold symmetry (yeNN Seer) came to be known as
ThirunedumthANDakam(TNT).Latter is an elaboration of 
the last two paasurams of ThirukkuRnthANDakam . Parasara
Bhattar described TNT as a Saasthram and used one of
the slOkams to defeat the advaitha VedAntha Muni of Melkote
and accepted him as his disciple and recognized him as Namm Jeeyar.
Rest is history in AchArya Paramaparai PrabhAvam.Namm Jeeyar
benefited from Ubhaya VedAntha GrahaNam under the sacred 
feet of Sri Paraasara Bhattar and we have the good fortune 
of having the 9,000 Padi commentary for ThriuvAimozhi and  
the BhAshyam for Sri Sookthi, KaNNinuNN SiRutthAmpu et al.
from him and a glorious AchArya paramparai.That is the power  of
ThirunedumthANDakam .

UtthamUr Sri VeerarAghava MahA Desikan has blessed us with
insightful commentaries on these two Prabhandhams as well
as the other Prabhandhams of Thirumangai Mannan that adiyEn
would like to refer you to for additional studies. His summation
of the purport and message of TNT is:

" This prabhandham is one, which has to be studied always
as a VedAntha Saasthram. This describes first the Tatthva-Hitha-
PurshArthams  and asserts next the unbreakable sEshathvam of
the Jeevan to the Sarva Seshi, the Lord in His forms as
Para, VyUha , Vibhava ,antharyAni and ArchA .This salutation
to the Lord is set in the mood of Naayika-Naayaka Bhaavam.
Through these ThANDakam paasurams , Thirumangai expressed 
his deep desire Moksha Sidhdi and Rakshakthvam of the Lord."

May we all be blessed to study and understand the deep
Tatthvams embedded in the two ThANDakam Prabhandhams.

Vaazhi ParakAlan Vaazhi KalikanRi
Vaazhi KurayalUr Vaazh VEndhan-vaazhiyarO
MayOnai vALL valiyAl manthiramkoLL MangayarkkOn
ThUyOn SudarmAna vEl 

AzhwAr  EmperumAnAr DEsikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan  

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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