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Classes on SrI SampradAya sthOthrams, prabandams set to classical (carnatic) music

From: Vijayalakshmi Hari (
Date: Wed Apr 11 2001 - 08:19:42 PDT

Dear SrI VaishNavas at Singapore,

I invite whoever interested to learn 
our SrI SampradAya sthOthrams (swAmi dESika, 
SrImath yAmunAchArya...), swAmi dESika prabandams,
AzwAr pAsurams (divya prabandams like TiruppAvai,
PeriyAzwAr TirumOzhi, swAmi nammAzwAr pAsurams
etc), SrI mukunda mAla(i)) etc set to classical
carnatic music.

I also teach these sthOtrams/prabandams in
regular rendering form (without being set
to music) for those who wish to learn so.

Along with this, I also teach regular
Carnatic Music (vocal) compostions including
basics. The geethams/varNams/krutis etc are 
choosen such that they are strictly without 
dEvathAnthara-sambandam. Similarly, 
compositions deviating from SrI sampradAya
arthams are strictly avoided.

Already these classes are going on at
my residence at Singapore. Those who
are interested in joining these classes,
please contact me in the following 
Block 269 B, Queen Street, #05-271,
Singapore 182269
Phone : 65-3392291

The date/time of these classes can be
fixed according to mutual convenience.

Thanks & Regards
In the service at the divine feet of Bhagavath rAmAnuja YatirAja swAmi,
Vijayalakshmi Hari.

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