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Making Pannakam - some help requested ...

From: Jai Simman s/o R. Rangasamy (
Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 03:28:11 PDT

Hare Krishna

We'd be celebrating Sri Nrsimha Chaturdasi on 6.5.2001
(sunday) we wish to make pannakam (please correct me if i did not get the
spelling right)
 and we wish to know how this is to be done.

Hare Krishna

R. Jai Simman

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>       1. Sri Rama Navami Utsavam-- Thirukalyanam
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>       2. Memorable week (24th to 31st March) at Srirangam
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>    Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 08:33:48 +0800
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> Subject: Sri Rama Navami Utsavam-- Thirukalyanam
> SrI:
> SrImathE Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:
> Pleased to inform you that the "Sri Rama Seetha" Thirukalayanam Utsavam
will be held at Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple,  Sri Ramar Sanctum on
Wednesdya 11th April 2001.
> 7.30 p.m. Procession Sri Ramar.
> Kindly participate in the event & receive the blessings of Sri Rama Piran.
> Followed by
> Varanamayiram Bharata Natyam  by Selvi  Kanchana Sridhar at 8.30 P.M.
> regards
> Malini Sridhar
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>    Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 12:16:10 +0800
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> Subject: Memorable week (24th to 31st March) at Srirangam
> SrI:
> SrImathE GopAladESika mahAdESikAya namaha
> Dearest Sisters and Brothers,
> It was the golden opportunity in my life to attend asmadhAchAryan's
> SathAbhishEkam celebrations and see, spend time among such a huge
gathering of
> Srivaishnavas (about 3000 approx) and amidst the divine presence of five
> Yathivaras. Jeers of Sri Ahobila Mutt and Sri Parakala Mutt, Sri
> ANdavan, Sri Rangapriya Swami and Srimad ParavaakkOttai Andavan Blessed
> Bhaagawathaas with their anugraha bhAshaNams (about which Sri CG Balaji is
> writing so beautifully).
> I was fortunate and blessed to see the great scholars in those six days of
> sadhas, and PaaraayaNams: Sri NS Ramanuja Thathachar, Sri Navalpakkam
> ValayappEttai Swami, Dr Sri NS Anantharangachar, Sri Srivathsangachar, Sri
> Krishnamachar, Sri Veerapuram Venkatadheekshithar, Dr. Sri VN Vedantha
> Sri VN Venkatanathan, Sri C Seshadri (who is tirelessly propagating the
> Desikan's works and Yathirajar/ KooratthAzhwAn's works), Sri MV
> Ananthapadmanabhan (Swamy Desikan Drama fame- he has become the deputy
editor of
> Sri Nrusimhapriya now), Sri Ramadesikan (dhouhithran of Sri ParavaakkOttai
> Andavan in His poorvashramam), Sri Muralidhar Rangaswamy, Sri CG Balaji
> (dhouhithran of DR Sri NS Anantharangachar) Sri TG Krishnakumar, Sri Mohan
> (brothers of Sri Ram Gopalaswamy and Sri Vijaykumar of Singapore), Sri
> Parthasarathy, Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan of Chennai, SRi Anand of Singapore,
> Achutharaman from B'lore and many others...  and also our dear Sri Anbil
> Ramaswamy mama from Atlanta.
> It was a memorable week. When asmadhAchAryan said, "At first, I said no to
> sort of celebrations. But the disciples pressed and pursuaded me. But,
when I
> see such a huge gathering of Srivaishnavas, and hear the Rig, Saamam, both
> Vedic hymns, rendering of Padhuka sahasrams, etc., the mere darshan and
> of this group of Srivaishnavas, will certainly remove all your sins and
for this
> reason, I am pleased and happy about the grand celebration".  His voice ch
> with happiness when he uttered this line at the end of His speech.
> All four yathis came specially for this purpose amidst their tight
schedule and
> in spite of their illness. (Sri Parakala mutt Jeer could not even walk due
> His illness and but said, "Lord Sri Lakshmi Hayagrivan ordered me to go to
> Srirangam and I am here with Him.". )
> You all missed the great even dear.
> Regards
> AchAryan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
> Narayana Narayana
> adiyEn Narayana dAsan madhavakkannan
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