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Memorable week (24th to 31st March) at Srirangam
Date: Sun Apr 08 2001 - 21:16:10 PDT

SrImathE GopAladESika mahAdESikAya namaha

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

It was the golden opportunity in my life to attend asmadhAchAryan's
SathAbhishEkam celebrations and see, spend time among such a huge gathering of
Srivaishnavas (about 3000 approx) and amidst the divine presence of five
Yathivaras. Jeers of Sri Ahobila Mutt and Sri Parakala Mutt, Sri SrimushNam
ANdavan, Sri Rangapriya Swami and Srimad ParavaakkOttai Andavan Blessed the
Bhaagawathaas with their anugraha bhAshaNams (about which Sri CG Balaji is
writing so beautifully).

I was fortunate and blessed to see the great scholars in those six days of
sadhas, and PaaraayaNams: Sri NS Ramanuja Thathachar, Sri Navalpakkam
ValayappEttai Swami, Dr Sri NS Anantharangachar, Sri Srivathsangachar, Sri SM
Krishnamachar, Sri Veerapuram Venkatadheekshithar, Dr. Sri VN Vedantha Desikan,
Sri VN Venkatanathan, Sri C Seshadri (who is tirelessly propagating the Swamy
Desikan's works and Yathirajar/ KooratthAzhwAn's works), Sri MV
Ananthapadmanabhan (Swamy Desikan Drama fame- he has become the deputy editor of
Sri Nrusimhapriya now), Sri Ramadesikan (dhouhithran of Sri ParavaakkOttai
Andavan in His poorvashramam), Sri Muralidhar Rangaswamy, Sri CG Balaji
(dhouhithran of DR Sri NS Anantharangachar) Sri TG Krishnakumar, Sri Mohan kumar
(brothers of Sri Ram Gopalaswamy and Sri Vijaykumar of Singapore), Sri Sudarsan
Parthasarathy, Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan of Chennai, SRi Anand of Singapore, Sri
Achutharaman from B'lore and many others...  and also our dear Sri Anbil
Ramaswamy mama from Atlanta.

It was a memorable week. When asmadhAchAryan said, "At first, I said no to any
sort of celebrations. But the disciples pressed and pursuaded me. But, when I
see such a huge gathering of Srivaishnavas, and hear the Rig, Saamam, both Yajur
Vedic hymns, rendering of Padhuka sahasrams, etc., the mere darshan and presence
of this group of Srivaishnavas, will certainly remove all your sins and for this
reason, I am pleased and happy about the grand celebration".  His voice choked
with happiness when he uttered this line at the end of His speech.

All four yathis came specially for this purpose amidst their tight schedule and
in spite of their illness. (Sri Parakala mutt Jeer could not even walk due to
His illness and but said, "Lord Sri Lakshmi Hayagrivan ordered me to go to
Srirangam and I am here with Him.". )

You all missed the great even dear.


AchAryan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan madhavakkannan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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