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Re: Sri GuNa Rathna Kosam : Part XXXIII: SlOkam 23

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Date: Sun Apr 08 2001 - 20:32:34 PDT

Dear BhakthAs:

In the 23rd slOkam , Sri ParAsara Bhattar salutes
Sri RanganAyaki as " SrI RangEswara gEha Lakshmi" 
and describes some unique aspects of Sri Vaikuntam 
that is ruled by Her and Her divine consort , 
Sri RanganAthan.

The Twenty Third SlOkam 
aaj~nAnugraha bhIma kOmalapurIpAlA phalam bhEjushAm
  yaa AyOdhyEthi-AparAjithEti vidhitA naakam parENa sthithA
bhAvair-adhbhutha-bhOga-bhUmagahanai: sAndhrA sudhAsyandhibhi:
  SrirangEswara-gEha-Lakshmi yuvayOsthvAm rAjadhAnIm vidhu:

Meaning accroding to Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan 
Oh Empress of the City-State of Sri Vaikuntam !
The border-guards there are ferocious executors of 
Your Lord's mandates , while they prove to be highly 
tender officials with respect to law-abiding citizens--
thus their nature is an influenced version , depending on 
the type of people encountered.This state (Sri Vaikuntam )
is ever unassailable (AyOdhyA)and invincible(AparAjithA);
it remains far and above the outter skies; all the objects
there are sweet and delicious , affording admirable 
pleasure-experiences , arising from closeness and dense
accumulation .That state(Sri Vaikuntam) is known to be 
the kingdom of both of You together!

Additional observations and Comments by adiyEn
The aprAkruthic nature of Sri Vaikuntam and 
the unique features of this extraordinary City-State
that is invincible and unassailable is described here 
by Sri Bhattar in consonance with the Veda manthrams ,
AchArya RaamAnujA's Sri Vaikunta Gadhyam and KurEsar's
Sri Vaikunta Sthavam passages. Sri RanganAyaki is saluted by 
Bhattar as the Joint ruler of this auspicious RaajadhAni
of Sri Vaikuntam with Her Lord . 

First Paadham of the SlOkam:
"Aaj~nA anugraha bhIma Komala purIpAlA phalam bhEjushAm"
is the first paadham. The dwAra PaalakAs of Sri Vaikuntam
gates are described here. They will cause terror in the minds
of the enemies of the Lord and yet will bend over backward to
serve with a smile those , who are dear to their Lord.
They are known for giving fierce commands ( BhIma Aaj~nA )
to those VirOdhis of the Lord .They are also known for 
being tender in the treatment of the ones who revel in
kaimkaryam to their Lord . The 77th slOkam of Sri Vaikunta
sthavm gives a clue to who these dear ones to the Lord are.
In this slOkam , Kuresar wishes to join this ghOshti of 
nithyAs and mukthAs dear to the Lord this way :

kaimkarya nithya nirathai: bhavadhEka bhOgai:
  nithyairanukshaNa naveena rasArdhra Bhaavai:
nithyAbhivAnchitha paraspara neecha bhAvai: 
  math dhaivathai: parijanais-thava sangaseeya 

These nithyAs and MukthAs-- treated with great reverence 
by the DhvAra PaalakAs of Sri Vaikuntam-- are always engaged
in serving the Lord.Their minds are always immersed in 
enjoying the Lord's svarUpa-rUpa-GuNams.Their minds are
drenched with the flood of affection for the Lord.
They wish to be the adiyArs of each other , while vying 
for Kaimkaryam to their Lord.These are the parijanams of
the Lord , who Kuresar says are his own gods and he expresses
his longing to join this ghOshti. Such nithyAs and MukthAs 
are welcomed and treated with reverence by the PurIpAlAs
( DhvAra PaalakAs).

Those , who try to barge into Sri Vaikuntam without 
vinayam or anushtAna bhalam are brusquely ordered 
to leave by the very same dhvAra PaalakAs . They are
commanded to exit from the premises by the gate keepers 
like Jayan and Vijayan in  a fierce manner.

That Sri Vaikuntam protected  zealously by the 
DhvAra PaalakAs is "bhEjushAm Phalam". It is 
the coveted fruit of Mumukshus. It is their 
parama prApyam ( supreme abode that is desired).
Residence there as parama Padha Vaasis is the cherished
goal of all mukthAs and nithya Sooris.

The Second Paadham  of the 23rd SlOkam
"yaa AyOdhyEthyaparAjithitEthi vidhithA naakam parEna sthithA "
is the second paadham. This Sri Vaikuntam is known as
AyOdhyA as well as AparAjithA (Unassailable and invincible).
Vedam points out that this aprAkrutha lOkam ( the world
beyond prakruthi maNDalam ) can not be won in battles 
(AyOdhyA ) and can never ever be conquered in battles

The Nikandu defines the Lord as  AparAjithan 
with the power to rule over others totally and 
that His actions can not be obstructed by anyone 
at any time or by any means .The city-state 
serving as the abode of such an AparAjithan becomes 

The Sruthi Vaakhyams used as PramANam by Bhattar 
ar: "DEvAnAm pUrayOdhyA ; vivEsAparAjithA :
parENa Naakam nihitham guhAyAm". Bhattar points
out that dhivya Lokam of Sri Vaikuntam is beyond
Prakruthi Mandalam (ParENa naakam sthithA).

The Third Paadham of the SlOkam 
"BhAvai: adhbhutha bhOga bhUma-guhanai: saandhrA 
sudhaasyandhibhi:" is the third paadham . This is an
elaboration of AchArya RaamAnujA's Sri Vaikunta
gadhyam passage: "sarvathA anubhUyamaAnairapi 
apoorvavath aascharyam aavahathbhi:". The objects
at Sri Vaikuntam are sources of nectarine experiences.
They are most delectable. They are densely linked
aanandhAnubhavams.They yield unparalled delight
during enjoyment.Even if one enjoys them often ,
they are insatiable (aparyApthAmrutham). Sri Vaikunta
Gadhyam goes into rapturous lengths to describe these

The Fourth Paadham of the SlOkamm
" SrirangEswara gEha Lakshmi! yuvayOsthvAm 
RaajadhAnIm vidhu:" is the fourth paadham .
This VaiKunta dhivya Nahar is Your capital.
Both Of You as dhivya dampathis preside over 
it.This is what the Vedic scholars describe .

The Gruha Lakshmi of Lord RangarAjA is saluted
here by Bhattar as " SrirangEswara gEha Lakshmi".
Te 46th slOkam of Sri Vaikutna Sthavam salutes 
the joint rulership of Sri Vaikuntam by this dhivya
Mithunam : "niravathi: Nithya VibhUthi Tava niyathA:,
SamathItha SeemA LakshmI: Tava niyathA priyA (Tath
nithya vibhUthi: SamAthItha Seema LakshmI: niyatha:)
This RaajadhAni of Sri Vaikuntam of limitless
glories is sEsha BhUtham for You as well as 
to MahA Lakshmi of immeasurable kalyNa guNams
(MaanAthitha praTitha VibhavAM tasmai niyatha:).

>From here on , Bahttar describes the Isvaryams
enjoyed by Sri RanganAyaki at Sri Vaikuntam 
with Her Lord.

Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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