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Plight of our Divya Desams!

From: Aravind Gopalan (
Date: Sun Apr 08 2001 - 00:51:51 PDT

SrimathE Ramanujaya Namaha
SrimathE Nigamantha Mahadesikaya Namaha

Om Vishnave Namaha


AdiyEn yesterday went to SriRangam for Emperuman Sri
Ranganathar's Darshan. En route AdiyEn also visited
Uraiyoor Kamalavalli Naachiyaar thirukovil. There the
Namazhwar Sanidhi had classic paintings on the walls.
I bet that one can rarely find such a piece of art
anywhere else. AdiyEn has never seen such subtle
paintings before. But to my disappointment adiyEn
found that the paintings very scratched by the
visitors( nilai ketta maandhargaL) and usual
scribblings which one finds in the public places were
seen. AdiyEn could not bear the sight of it! luckily
those people left the upper portion of the paintings
unscribbled thanks to the height. AdiyEn did not know
what to do! AdiyEn just thought of shedding my tears
in this sabhai of bhagavothamas. 

One more heart breaking incident which I came to know
on the grapevine, but through authorised sources, is
about Srivilliputur Vadabadhra Sayee thirukovil. There
it seems recently they have allowed for a cine gang to
barge in for shooting!!!!  The cine gang had left the
tea, coffee cups and paper plates( Non-Veg items.....)
scattered at the place when they called it a day! 

It is not uncommon to see people spitting inside  the
Madurai  Koodal Azhagar Thirukovil.

AdiyEn is very much shocked by all this. I am sure
that the elders of this egroup will come out with a
solution to take strict action against these things in

Aravind Gopalan.

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