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Asmad Acharyan's 81st birth anniversary celebrations in New Jersey.
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 13:40:31 PDT

Asmad Acharyan Paravakkottai Andavan Sri Poundareekapuram
Sri Gopala Desika Maha Desikan's 81st birth anniversary 
celebrations in New Jersey, on April 1, 2001.

SrImatE GopAla Desika MahA DesikAya nama:

Adiyongal, sishyas of Prakrutham Srimad Paravakkottai Andavan 
who could not be in Srirangam during the Acharya's 
Thirunakshatram celebrations bow to our               
Acharya and would like to place before the group an account of 
Asmad Acharyan's 81st birth anniversary celebrations in New Jersey.

With the anugrahams of Srimad Paravakkottai Andavan, 
Emperumanar, and Sri Ranganayika Sametha Sri Ranganathar, 
Srimad Paravakkottai Andavan's sishyas in New Jersey celebrated 
Asmad Acharyan's 81st birth anniversary celebrations 
in the residence of Sriman T.R.Govindarajan on April 1, 2001.

The functions were held in Sriman Govindarajan's house main hall 
beginning at 9:30 a.m. 

The hall was decorated suitably by 
Srimathi Sumithra Govindarajan and her son Raghav. Sri Ramanujar, 
Sri Vedantha Desikar and Sri Manavala Mamunigal adorned the walls 
with Piratti and Periya Perumal.  A large Sankhu and Chakram drawn 
by hand by Srimathi Sumithra and colored golden yellow flanked
either sides of Perumal and was nice to behold.  On the wall we had 
pictures of all prominent Acharyas of Sri Vaishnavam. The pictures 
of Asmad Acharyan Sri GopAla DesikA MahA DesikAn, Srirangam 
Periyasrmam Srimushnam Andavan, Srimad Azhagiya Singar (45th 
Jeeyar of Ahobila Mutt), Sri Sri Sri Tridandi SrimanNarayana Jeeyar, 
Sri RangaPriya Swamy decorated the wall. The pictures of other 
Acharyas who have attained paramapatham were also there. Two glowing 
"PanchaMukha Kuttuvillaku" gave illumination to already brightly lit
hall, flickering lightly as if beckoning everyone and the all 
important 'kolam' shined on the table with Acharyas' portraits. 
The functions started with the recitation of  Thanians of all 
Acharyas of Sri Poundareekapuram Ashramam.  Sarvashree Lakshmanan, 
Govindarajan, and Ramkumar Gopalaswamy recited the Thanians.  

This was followed by Nithyanusanthanam recitation of Thiruppallandu, 
Thirupalliyezhuchi and Thiruppaavai by us with Sri Manivannan, Sriman 
Dr. M.G. Prasad, and Sri Poondi Vijayaraghavan joining the ghoshti.  
We recited paasuram on Periyazhwar from Prabhandhasaram(9) after 
reciting Thiruppallandu, 
paasuram on Sri Thondaradippodiyaazhwar from Prabhandhasaram(11) 
after reciting Thirupalliyezhuchi, and  paasuram on Sri Andal from 
Prabhandhasaram(10) after Thiruppavai. This was followed by 
recitation of Adaikkalapattu. Next recitation was Adhikarasakiraham. 
Sri Manivannan led the ghoshti in the recitation of Upadesa 
Ratthinamalai which was appreciated by all. 

By this time many other sishyas had joined us. Shanti Mantram 
PruthIvI shAnthA was recited followed by Sikshavalli, Briguvalli, led 
by Dr. Prasad. Veda parayanam was concluded with recitation of 
Shanti Mantram again.

Desika Stotrams were recited next and the ghoshti was led superbly by
Srimans Shyam Sundar Srinivasan and Venkatanathan Srinivasan. The 
following Desika Stotrams were recited: Shristuti, Bagavadhyana 
sopanam,Sudarsana ashtakam, Shodasayutha stotram, Srikamasika 
ashtakam, and Sri Mahavira vaibhavam. Everyone was deeply moved when 
the rendering of Sri Mahavira vaibhavam was done signifying Sri Rama 
Navami(April 2). 

It is to be noted AsmadAcharyan likes recitation of Srimad Ramayanam 
and all that is connected to this great epic.

This was followed by a brief talk by adiyen with the intention of
introducing AsmadAcharyan to the sishyas of other Ashrams who had 
assembled there. Adiyen was planning to speak for only five minutes 
and was thinking adiyen was not having any material for five minutes 
even. All the listeners were paying so much attention, adiyen did not 
notice time passing so quickly that adiyen had to be told that twenty 
minutes had passed. Adiyen concluded the talk at this time. It is 
only AsmadAcharyan's anugraham adiyen could say a few words about 
AsmadAcharyan, his life and work. All the sishyas gathered got a 
glimpse of AsmadAcharyan's greatness especially his steadfastness to 

Recitation/ of Sri Lakshmi Ashtottara Sathanama Stotram and Sri
VishnuSahasrnamam was done next in an excellent manner by all those
assembled which included Sriman Poondi VijayaRaghavan and his wife 
Srimathi Pankaja, Sriman Gopala Kannan and his wife Srimathi Viji, 
Sri Srinivasa Raghavan and his wife Srimathi Viji, Srimathi Veena 
and Sriman Mohan, Sri Sambasivan and his wife Janaki, Sri 
Govindarajan Kadambi and his wife Revathi, Sri Manikantan and his wife
Srimathi Visalakshi, Sri SreePraksh Rengarajan and his wife 
Lakshmi(newly married), Sri Parthasarathy Srinivasan and his wife 
Subha,Sri Manivannan, Sri Murali Parthasarathy, and Sri Jayakumar. 
The ghoshti was ably led by Srimathi Geetha Prasad and her sister 

Dr. M.G. Prasad then gave an illuminating talk on Acharya Bhakti. He
stressed the need for an Acharya for every body and gave examples of 
Acharya Bhakti. Most of us residing in New Jersey/New york area and 
almost all those assembled on that day to pay respects to 
AsmadAcharyan have learnt at the least a Stotra, a Suktha, or a part 
of Veda from Dr. Prasad. For all of us he is another Acharya to be 
respected. It is very appropriate that Sriman Govindarajan asked Dr. 
Prasad to speak on Acharya Bhakti that day.

Thaligai was offered to Perumal.  Being the hostess, Srimathi Sumithra
Govindarajan had done most of the items. Srimathi Pankaja, 
Srimathi Vijaya, Srimathi Revati and Srimathi Janaki 
also contributed to Thaligai.

Sattrumurai was then offered to Perumal.  The Sattrumurai paasurams 
from the following was done: Thiruppavai, ThiruPallandu, Adhikara 
sangraham, Prabhandha saram, Adaikkalapathu, and Pillai Andadi.

Srimans Shyam Sundar Srinivasan and Venkatanathan Srinivasan. led the
ghoshti in performing Acharya Sambhavanai. Sambhavanai was done to 
our Purva Acharyas of Poundarikapuram Andavan Asramam, and 
Srimad Paravakkottai Andavan Sri Gopala Desika MahaDesikan.  This
was continued with Acharya Sambhavanai to these Acharyas:Srirangam
Periyasrmam Srimushnam Andavan, Srimad Azhagiya Singar
(45th Jeeyar of Ahobila Mutt), Sri RangaPriya Swami, 
and Sri Sri Sri Tridandi SrimanNarayana Chinna Jeeyar.  
Sri Vedantha Desikan Vazhi Thirunamam was then recited, followed by 
Peria Andavan and Sri Manavala Mamunigal Vazhi Thirunamam. 

The celebrations concluded with recitations of Sri Vedanta Desika 
Mangalam, and Srimad PeriAndavan Mangalam, and Thanians of 
Poundarikapuram Andavan Asramam and of Prakrutham Andavans.

Additional notes:

As the ghoshti of 32 dispersed, the euphoria of Bhakti in general and 
Acharya Bhakti in particular was prevalent in everyone's mind. 

It is Asmad Acharyan's "aasigal" (blessings). Personally adiyEn feels 
that is what counts. The recitations have been a great catalyst 
in giving a boost to that feeling.

One couple who attended Acharya's celebrations said they should be 
invited for all future such Satsangams like this. 

Sriman Govindarajan had made copies of all the stotrams, 
pasurams/vedams recited so everyone could refer to the texts.  

All those present could participate in the recitations since everyone 
knew some Stotra or sloka or paasurams if not all that we recited.  
This is what our Acharya has stressed.  We are all Vaishnavas and 
should be united. If a person from another tradition is following our 
tradition willingly, we should honor him by following his tradition 
also. This our Acharyan has told is important, especially in foreign 
countries where there are only few who follow the Vaishnavite 
traditions and much less adopting our tradition. 

Sriman Govindarajan and Srimathi Sumithra Govindarajan honored 
everyone who had assembled with traditional "vetrilai pakku" and 

vachaka dosha: kshantavya:

Sriman Emperumanar thiruvadigale Saranam

Asmad Acharyan Tiruvadigale Saranam
Lakshmana dAsan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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