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Srivaishnava lakshanams

From: Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri (
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 10:07:29 PDT

Srimad venkata Lakshmana Yativaraya Namah.
Om namO vEnkatESAya.

I salute SrI anantAchArya, abode of all auspicious qualities, who drives away the darkness called ignorance, and who is a good shelter for those who seek refuge in him - Lord Srinivasa

SrImadanantArya mahAguravE namah.

Dear Bhagavatas,

Sri anathAlwAn says to the sishya of Sri Bhattar:

baka charaNAyudha lavaNaistishtati bhavatA cha tulya SIlO yah
SrI VaishNavam tamEnam prAhuh tattvArtha kOvidAh purushAh

rough translation:

great souls knowing the truth say that a true SrIvaishNava is that person whose nature is similar to that of crane, hen (which has its feet as its weapons), salt and yourself (disciple of bhattar).

Then Alwan asks this person to go back to thiruvarangam and get to know from his Acharya what he (Alwan) means by saying this.

Bhattar's explanation:

1. Baka tulya SIlatvam:

A. A crane always stays in a lake, pond etc. where water is plentily available. Similarly a Srivaishnava should also live in a place where there is plenty of tIrtham. Learned members may kindly throw light on this.

B. A crane's body is pure white in color. Similarly a Srivaishnava should be pure both internally and externally.

C. A crane is always seen in meditating posture. Many small fish come towards it. It does not care for them but looks for a fish big enough to remove its hunger. once it gets such a fish, it holds it firmly and eats it. Similarly, a Srivaishnava also may come across several people in his life. He should look forward to meeting with a mahAtmA. once he gets one, he should catch hold of his feet tightly and bind him with his devotion and diligence. This will protect him from the great danger arising out of his vyAmOham for his material body and several worldly matters.
D. Sea is full of disturbances. A crane living in a sea is very much afraid of signs of heavy rain like dark clouds, thunders, lightnings etc. as these things are further disturbing. under such circumstances, the crane flies away to a peaceful lake and lives there happily. similarly, a Srivaishnava whose basic svarUpam is getting damaged by his association with his friends, relatives etc. should immediately leave his place, go to a divya desam and live there peacefully. 


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