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Re: [Re: as groundwork to is launced...]

From: Kannan AMR (
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 08:24:50 PDT

Dear Sri Hari:

1. I really appreciate your judicious stand on this issue. Thanks. Though on several occasions I have noticed such manipulated images (I mean real photographs) probably this is the first time I have taken this to public forums. The picture which was there on your web site, was taken by my friend Sri Thanjai Moorthy  of Triplicane. My another friend, Sri K.V. Srinivasan's picture (of Swamy Bhashyakarar) was also digitally manipulated. No one realizes that SUCH ACTS WILL ONLY CULTIVATE HATRED AGAINST EACH OTHER. Is this what we are going to give to our future generation? Spreading the hatred is what we learnt from dear Acharyas? No. No. No.  Some people may think that we are secured (since we are in abroad) and we can do whatever we want to do. Such thinking will do so much harm to our community.  The ground reality in most of our dear Divyadesams  is very alarming. In many temples there are no Adhyabhagas to recite Azhwars' Dhivya SriSookthis. No Thiru Aradhanams. Not even Vasthrams in some of our Divyadesams. What we have is, just hatred towards the other sect. When are we going to correct these aberrations? It is very shocking to know still there are people who want to change the history. Which means they are all living faraway from the ground reality. I know many younger generations are really fed up with such an attitude.  At the same time I would also like to mention some good examples. Sri Ranganatha Temple at  Pomona, NY is a great example to mention. Though the temple belongs to Sri Ahobila Mutt Sampradhayam, it is really wonderful to see that everyone is not only just allowed to participate but were also allowed to recite their Achrya's Thaniyans. I know in temples such as Thirunarayanapuram and few in Bangalore, both the Kalais are allowed to participate equally. Therefore, let Sri Ranganatha Temple at Pomona be the best example. My intention is not to change any of the present traditions in our temples. Each temple need to follow a particular system. Whether it is Desika Sampradhayam or Thennacharya Sampradhayam. Let us not try to change the status quo. But let us try to accept all the Sri Vaishanavas without hatred. Let us try to include all the SriVaishnavas in all the Kainkaryams.  This is my humble request to all the elders in these forums.
2.  I sincerely appreciate and thanking everyone who shared my sentiments through private mails. 
3. Regarding my Vedanta pUrvAchArya grantha kAlakshEpams background, I will write a private mail to you. 
Sri Hari, I am very glad to know that there are people with such a profound wisdom to understand my sentiments in a right perspective. Thanks again for understanding.

Ramanuja Dasan Kannan

On 4 Apr 2001 09:20:33 SGT  
 M.S.HARI Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari wrote:
>Dear SrI Kannan AMR,
>I thank you for your mail. The photograph that you have mentioned is
>taken from the following site:
>Please note that we have NOT done any digital manipulation to the
>While I do not agree with all the points in your mail, the overall
>purport of the same is agreed.
>As suggested, we will remove the photograph from the website and
>replace it with another photograph of Bhagavath rAmAnuja yatirAja
>I will be happy to know your background regarding your Vedanta
>& pUrvAchArya grantha kAlakshEpams.
>Thanks & Regards
>M.S.HARI rAmAnuja dAsan (
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