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Kanakadaara stotram...

From: Asthagiri Ravindran Chellappa Iyengar (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 10:47:57 PDT

Dear memebers,

Kanakadaarastavam, as most of us know, was created by srI Adi Sankaracharyar. Again, most of us know the story of nelli kani that is associated with it. Let us move on to this stotram. 

1) angaM hare he bulakaBooshana maasrayenTi
   Brungaan Ganeva MukuLa Baranam tamAlam

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Meaning of these verses:

Bees tend to be in and around the trees with a lot of flowers and buds so that they can get a lot of honey. Let Godess Lakshmi, who is always with Lord Narayana just like the bees are always in and around the trees with flowers and buds, bless me with prosperity and happiness. 

Kindly excuse me in case of errors.

Seking the blessings of everyone in this group,

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