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what a lovely baby- 2

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 04:23:51 PDT

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

In the previous post, we saw in the pallavi of annamayyaa krithi sri krishna
being described "yasOdhaa mungita muthyamu". 

PEARL: We also saw a quote from Sri Thirumangai aazhvaar eulogizing krishna
as "Munivarkku aruL tharum thavaththai muththin thiraL kOvaiyai". That
single black pearl roaming in the gruham of yasOdha- this pearl is not in
"single" but appearing as a regularly arranged collection between the gopees
and such collection is not in single but in heaps as there were lots and
lots of gopees and krishnaas - so muththin thiraL kOvai in the raasa
uRsavam. Perhaps that is why aazhvaar calls krishna - oh -muththin thiRaL

See here another for the pearl - Adiyaal padi kadantha muththo adhu anREl
mudiyaal visumbu aLantha muththO - periya thiruvanthaadhi - 27 nam aazhvaar.
Oh  vaamana roopa- krishna! you the pearl -you measured the step or jumped
(as one step the entire world) with your feet and then went on to measure
the sky with your crown as thrivikrama - oh your name and fame are

RUBY: - maanikkam- CharaNam 1: in the hands of gopees, he is a maaNikyam -
anthanintha gollethala arachEthi maaNikyamu says annamayya. Swami
nammazhvaar says- ennudaik kOvalanE en pollaak karu maaNikkamE- 7-6-5 in his
thiruvaai mozhi. 

Generally maaNikkam -ruby is red in colour, but here aazhvaar says "oh my
black ruby". On this we have another 5 quotes from Swami nam aazhvaar all
calling kaNNan as karumaaNikkam.
Ennudai kOvalanE - he is my king - so kOvalanE. 
Ennudai kOvalanE - He is the cowherd - so kOvalanE- go paalan in tamil is
Ennudai kOvalanE - en udamaiyaana gopaalanE- I possess you oh gopaalaa - my
black ruby.

Eesan en karumaaNikkam en sengOlak kaNNan - 2-7-1 nam aazhvaar
Meaning: Lord of the world eesan - krishna, oh my black ruby with red eyes
Vanthu eidhumaaRu ariyEn malgu neelachchudar thazhaippa senchudar jOdhigaL
pooththu oru maaNikkam sErvathu pOl - 7-6-6 nam aazhvaar
Meaning: See the colour contrast - the blue flames glow, red flames blossom
all combine to give a ruby shine. In science, also we know the blue inside
flame is very hot covered with outer bright zone, somewhat cooler, all
showing the glow of a light, like a red ruby.
KarumaaNikkak kunRaththu thaamarai pOl thirumaarbu kaal kaN kai sevvaai
unthi - 8-7-6 nam aazhvaar
KarumaaNikka malai mEl maNiththadam thaamaraik kaadugaL pOl thiru maarvu
vaai kaN kai unthi kaal 8-9-1 nam aazhvaar
In a black ruby hill red lotus blossoms at places like chest, feet, palms,
lips, eyes, naval on you, oh krishna, the black ruby.

AruLi adik keezh iruththum nam aNNal karumaaNikkamE- 8-8-11 nam aazhvaar
This black ruby hill showers grace, then takes us under its feet, then
becomes our father to take care of us- nam aNNal. 

krishna in the hands of these gopees with rose hands in annamayya krithi, he
is black in colour and addressed maanikkam so karumaaNikkam in thaamaraik

DIAMOND: In charaNam 1 next rathnam referred is vajram- diamond. The diamond
is the hardest substance available. It is used to cut other hard substances.
Engineers know that diamond bit tools are used to cut concrete etc. Even
glass is cut by diamond tipped tools. Like that to crack the hard nut
kamsan, a diamond is required in the form of krishna. Vairam in tamil also
mean pagai - enmity- so kamsan had vairam towards krishna and this shining
black diamond krishna cut that kamsan.

Kadhavik kadham siRantha kanjanai mun kaainthu- 89 second thiruvanthaadhi-
kadhavuthal means to get angry- kobappatta kamsanai kobaththudan maaiththa
vairam krishnan. There is also the tamil proverb - to cut a diamond another
diamond is required- vairaththai vairaththaal thaan arukkavENum.

EMERALD: In charaNam 1 next referred rathnam is pachcha boosa- emerald, the
green stone. Annamayya says in all 3 worlds you shine like an emerald.

EpporuLum thanaai maragathak kunRam okkum appozhudhaith thaamaraip poo kaN
paadham kai kamalam - 2-5-4 nam aazhvaar
All the things are his or he pervades into all the things available in this
world and he looks like that emerald hill with lotus eyes, feet, palms.

VaLLalE madhusoodhanaa en maragatha malaiyE - 2-6-4 nam aazhvaar
Oh donor of the highest order madhusoodhna my emerald hill

En maragatha vaNNan thamarai kaNNinan 2-7-8 nam aazhvaar
 My green emerald coloured lord, lotus eyed lord 

Dhayarathan peRRa maragatha maNi thadaththinaiyE- 10-7-8 nam aazhvaar
That emerald route called raama the son of dhasarathn 

Mai vaLarkkum maNi uruvam maragathamO mazhai mugilO- 8-1-7 kaliyan in periya
That rathna figure of krishna, which grows so black, is it emerald, or cloud
which bring rains, oh krishna?

MuththoLi maragathamE muzhanku oLi mugilvaNNaa - thiruk kuRunthaaNdakam 10
thirumangai- Now the light from pearl is also added to that shine from
emerald - oh you, cloud coloured krishna. Again a mixture of contrast
adjectives- but since all to that krishna, all contrasts of our normal world
get straightened before that wonderful chinni krushnudu.

CORAL: In charaNam 2 to rukmini his consort his face appears as red coral.
To thirumangai aazhvaar he appears as coral hill. That lord of thiruk
kurunkudi who is also a liberal donor [kodai vaLLal] and he is also
appearing in thiruchchErai. See 
Thennan kuRunkudiyuL sempavaLak kunRinai manniya thaN chERai vaLLalai - 114
periya thirumadal thirumangai aazhvaar.

PaniyEi parankunRin pavalaththiraLE muniyE thirumoozhikkaLaththu viLakkE
7-1-6 thirumangai in periya thirumozhi-- In the thirumoozhikkuLam dhivya
dhEsam this light, sri krishna, is there. There he appears to aazhvaar as
the red coral reefs forming as a hill covered with snow- himam- pani. A
light on the hill will show clearly the route from a distance. That too if
it is a shining hill of coral, then it itself will prominently show. Now a
light is also added on top of it. Then is there any chance for any confusion
in identifying that place or person? Oh krishna! your mahimai is

Pachchai maa malai pOl mEni pavaLa vaai kamalach chenGaN -2 thirumaalai
thoNdar adippodi-- That coral like mouth and lotus eyes -says aazhvaar in

Next rathnam is GOMEDHIKAM: the blue coloured lord himself is that precious
stone lifting the hill govardhanam or is it that govardhanam appears in the
kanthi of krishna like a precious stone. gOvardhanapu gOmEdhikamu says

VAIDOORYAM: with the shining sankham and chakram in both sides of the blue
[or green] face, the colour gets changed from a distance to look at. Because
sanku is pure white [refer aaNdaal mentioning veN sankE and vying with him
for the vaayamudham]. Chakram is more than 1000 sooryans in brightness. In
between that thirumugam appears as vaidooryam.

TOPAZ: Pushparaagam - topaz- is it the full body or only the fingers in the
feet of krishna appears as topaz. This doubt comes since when his feet
danced on the hood of kaaLiyan. swami annamayya says pushyaraagam. but see
periyaazhvar- 1-2-2 muththum maNiyum vairamum nan ponnum thaththup
pathiththu thalaippu eithaaRpOl paththu viralgal irunthavaa kaNeerE - the
fingers are appearing as pearls, rathnam [what rathnam is a point to
discuss? Topaz here -yellow stone?] diamond, gold etc, and all are in
decoration like a pallu in the saree. The fingers themselves are shining
with the nails adding to the glitter. 

PaNintha paNa maNigaLaalE aNinthu angu ananthan aNaik kidakkum ammaan- 15
third thiruvanthaadhi- paNam is snake- paNa maNi is naaga rathnam -
generally considered as red ruby from snakes or guarded by snakes- here it
is adhisEshan's eyes glittering like maNi, and he also lies in that
ananthan's bed- paNi sayanam. 

SAPPHIRE: indra neelam- venkataadhri indhra neelam is venkatesan here it is
krishna- aadhi mudhalvan karugiya neela nan mEnivaNNan - 1-9-3 says nam

KOla maa maNi aaramum muththuth thaamamum mudivilladhOr ezhil neela mEni
aiyO - amalan adhip piRaan 9 thiru paaNar - no explanation needed since many
comments have come in the bhakti list on this "aiyo" and this paasuram. 

DHIVYA RATHNAM: see how that padhmanaabhan is coming- muththum maNiyum
vairamum nan ponnum thaththup pathiththu thalaippu eithaaRpOl paththu
viralgal 1-2-2, iNaikkaalil veLLith thaLai ninRu ilanga 1-2-3, idaiyil
nerungu pavaLamum nErkaaNum muththum marungum 1-2-7, kachchodu porcharigai
kaambu kanavaLai uchchi maNich chutti oNdaaNiraip porpoo 1-3-8, neela
niraththu adikaar aimpadai 1-5-9, thodar sangilikai salaar pilaar enna
thoongu ponmani kinkini aaravaarippa udaimaNi parai kiranga kinkiNi olikkum
Osaip paNiyaalE paadip paadi varuginRaayaip padhmanaabhan enru- 2-2-10

When a child comes with a little decoration, the heart melts because the
child represents the Lord. When the lord himself comes as child, then is
there any question on the state of the heart? The heart would have already
not there to melt and gone with him at the very sight of him. 

Further if he comes with all these alankaarams and jewels bedecking him in
that blue thirumEni! oh krishna! Oh padmanaabhaa! baaluni vale thirigi
padhmanabhudu- No words to describe, except just get drowned in that
aanandha scene of visualising that dhivya rathnam. Enjoy visualising that
baaluni vale thirigi padhmanabhudu.

Dhaasan Vasudevan M.G.

PS: Thanks to VMV for giving me an opportunity to enjoy my kaNNan once again
with reference to Sri annamayyaa.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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