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Worship of Sri Renuka

From: Bala Sundaram (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 22:57:43 PST

I would like to know whether there is any sastric support for the worship of 
Sri Renuka, wife of Sri Jamadagni Rishi and the mother of Lord Parasuram.

The worship of Sri Renuka is widely prevalent in Tamil nadu, particularly in 
Arcot Districts and In Coimbatore. The most famous of these temples is A K 
Padavedu in Tiruvannamalai District. Though Sri Renuka is worshipped, in 
none of the temples there is a sannidhi for Sri Jamadagni and Lord 
Parasuram. Nor there is a worship for them. As a matter of fact, in 
Padavedu, there is Shiva Temple in the compound of Sri Renuka Temple which 
has come up recently. The prasadam given in SRi Renuka temple is vibhoothi.

There is sthala puranam for Padvedu temple as also for other SrI Renuka 
Temples which are substantial extensions of the episodes in Srimad 
Bhagavatham. The sthalapuranams donot have much to do with Lord Parasuram as 

Many castes, like the kammas in Coimbatore, worship Sri Renuka as their 

I would like to know the history of the development of this "cult". i am 
raising the question in this forum as the claim to fame by Sri Renuka   
would rest on being the mother of an Avathara of Lord Narayana. I may also 
like to point out that there is no worship of mothers of any other 

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

D Bala sundaram

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