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re:question on nitya suris

From: bindinganavale suresh (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 02:07:15 PDT

Dear bhagavatha,
                There are slokhas in Bhagavad gita
slokha 2 of chapter 14 and around 2 slokhas in chapter
8,where Lord krishna says that those who reach him are
untouched during each creation and dissolution.This
implies the following:-
1.There are mukthas with the lord during creation and
2.Except for those persons with him in the
transcendental realmn,all others(bound souls) are
subject to modifications from the point of view of
their dharma-bhuta gnana during creation and pralaya.

Now,when the above is true with respect to muktha
atmas,then what to speak of nitya suris.Surely they
untouched by the play of the lord,such as creation and
dissolution in the leela vibhuti.
What uddalaka says to his son svetaketu in chandogya
upanishad is the immenence(antaryamitva) of the Lord
in jiva and prakriti in leela vibhuti(i.e that portion
of his body where creation and dissolution takes
place) in both their subtle (pralaya) and gross
(creation or shristi)aspects.In both cases,he alone is
the one Ultimate reality having the other two classes
of realities as his modes,with only the difference
that in creation there is a mixture of prakriti and
jiva in various forms identified by different names
and in dissolution they go back to their
undifferentiated state forcing the person telling the
upanishad that everything he sees at that state is
only the one lord just as arjuna says in chapter 11 of
bhagavad gita"O
Krishna,as you pervade all,so you are all".

Hope,this helps.

Sri krishnaarpanamasthu


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