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Re: drought situation

From: Malolan Cadambi (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 03:53:52 PDT

                         Sri Mathe Malola NarasimhAya Namaha

In 16th Sloka of the 7th Chapter of the Bhagavad-Gita, the Sri
Krishna-paramAtma says:

                              chatur-vidhA bhajante mAm
                               jnanAha sukratino 'rjuna
                              arrtHO jijnAsur arthArthi
                               jnAni cha bhartarshabha

  ( O best among Bharatas(Arjuna), four kinds of pious men begin to
rendr devotional
                                  service unto me -
  the distressed, the desirer of wealth, the inquisitive, and he who is
searching for
                            the knowledge of the absolute)

Unlike people who worship the lord for material or personal sense
gratification, these
   are adherents of the regulative principles of the Vedas. These people
are called
sukrtinAha (those who obey the rules and regulations of scriptures,the
moral or social
   lawsa and are more or less devoted to the Supreme Lord. Among them
there are four
 classes of men - those who are some times distressed (in this case
people hit by the
   drought), those who are in need of money,those who are sometimes
inquisitive, and
         those who are sometimes searching for the knowledge of the

    These kind of people are not pure devotees becasue they have some
aspiration to
 fullfil in exchange of their devotional service. One should render
devotional service
  unto the lord with love and not render devotional service unto him in
exchange for
                        gratifications of certain aspirations.

    But these kind of people as mentioned before are sukrtinAha. By
virtue of they
 attachement to the supreme lord, they become pure devotees gradually.
But miscreants
          who breach the rules of the scriptures do not become pure

The people of Gujrat, Orissa and Parts of Andhra Pradesh were
nonetheless devastated
by the drought. But by virtue of them being sukrtinAha and performing
rituals, the Supreme lord saved his devotees from further devastation.

When ayashingar(present of Sri Ahobila Mutt) came to our house for
dolotsavam, in his
upanyasam he mentioned that the lord can never let anyone harm his true
devotees. He
also mentioned that just be Hiranyakshan was harming PrahalAda (his
devotee), the lord
manifested himself in the from of Narasimhan and came to the rescue of

In this case, the lord came to the resuce of his tru devotees who were
devastated by
the drought.
I certainly do not feel anything wrong in this notion.

Namo Narayana,

Malolan Cadambi

Chandrasekaran Venkatraman wrote:

> Dear members,
>   As many of you by now would have come to know, in our country states like
> Rajasthan, Gujarat, AP are facing very severe drought conditions that has so far
> led to death of people and many cattles. A manifestation of mother nature's
> fury. The reason is said to be monsoon failure in these regions in the last
> season. In this regard I recollect some 15 yrs. back when I was a kid, back in the
> agraharam where we were staying then, prohits conducted a yag~nam to bring rain. I
> don't remember exactly all the pujas they did. But I remember they immersed the
> deity's mUla murthy in water fully for whole day while the pUja and veda
> recitation was done. The very next day it rained without fail to everybody's
> delight!
>   Even in this present situation, prohits in those states and the neighbouring
> states can come forward and conduct a yag~nam to bring rain which will help the
> mankind and cattles.
>   Do Vaishnavas see anything wrong in this notion ? Let Sriman Narayana's
> compassion shower in these regions and benefit the living beings there soon.
>   adiyEn,
>   chandrasekaran.
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