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Acharya RaamAnujA Jayanthi,2000

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 06:49:33 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

AchArya RaamAnujA was born some 983 years ago(1017 AD)
at SriperumbhUthUr and lived on this earth for 
120 years and joined Sriman NaarAyaNA at His Parama Padham
in 1137 AD.He is our great AchAryan , who systematized
the teachings of VedAnthA as expounded earlier by 
BodhAyanA, TankA and DramidA. His sacred life and teachings
through his nine Sri Sookthis have been celebrated in
the CD ROM released last year by the International 
RaamAnujA Society ( 

AchArya RaamAnujA's devotion to the blessed collection
( aruLiccheyalkaLs /dhivya Prabhandham ) of AzhwArs is
well recorded. He asked his Jna~na puthran KurukkEsan
( ThirukkurukaippirAn ) to write the first commentary 
on Swamy NammAzhwAr's ThriuvAimozhi known as shatsAhasrI
or AarAyirappadi (6000-padi). Additional commentaries 
on ThiruvAimozhi came from the successors of RaamAnuja
achArya paramparai: Nanjeeyar(9,000-padi), NampiLLlai
(24,000-padi),vadakku ThiruveedhippiLLai (36,000-padi),
VaadikEsari Azhagiya MaNavALa Jeeyar (12,000-padi) and
PeriyavAcchAn PiLlai (24,000-padi). In addition to his 
commentary on ThiruvAimozhi , PeriyavAcchAn PiLLai 
wrote commentaries to all other dhivya prabhnadhams 
and acquired the title of VyAkyAna Chakravarthi. Swamy
Desikan's DramidOpanishadh Taatparya RathnAvaLi 
and DhramidOpanishath Saaram were blessings of
this Ubhaya VedAntha AchArya RaamAnuja paramparai.

It is only appropriate that Thiruvarangatthu-
amudanAr created the euology on AchArya RaamAnujA
known as " RaamAnuja NooRRantdhAthi " and this
became part of the 4,000 sacred collect .Sri AmudanAr
paid tribute to AchArya RaamAnujA's reverence for
Swamy Nammazhwar this way in his prabhnadham:

                  -- tenn kuruhaippirAn
paattennum Vedhappasumtamizh tannai, tann batthi yennum
veettin kaNN vaithavirAmAnusan--NooRRandhAthi: 29


Sri RanganathA temple at Pomona , NY and other temples
in USA are celebrating our AchAryan's birthday on
May 7 .Please join the group of BhakthAs THERE and recite 
yathirAja Sapthadhi , yathirAja Vimsathi ,RaamAnuja
NooRRandhAthi and receive our Sacred AchAryA's blessings.

The NaamA Society chapters are celebrating the birtHday
of AchArya RaamAnujA at the following locations on the
indicated dates. Please join the assembly of BahkthAs 
there as well :

Cincinatti, OH: May 7
Denver , Colorado: May 14
Dallas/Ft.Worth/Arlington, TX: may 20
Detroit, MI:May 20
Florida: May 5
Los Angeles, CA: May 13
New Jersey : May 13
San Fransisco, CA: May 21
Singapore: May 28

Thus , the whole month of May seems to be devoted to
the celebration of the Life and Sri Sookthis of
AchArya RaamAnujA and His AchArya paramparai in USA
India and Singapore. 

The construction of the thridhaNdam for the Moolavar 
at SriperumbhUdhUr is progressing .The MudaliyANDAn 
offered as SamarpaNam to AchArya RaamAnujA sannidhi 
at ThirunArAyanapuram on Feb 11 , 2000 has completed 
the required 45 days of prathishtai there and will begin 
to bless the sevArhtis now.

AdiyEn will conclude this posting on AchArya RaamAnujA's
Thirunakshathram with the 1,008th (concluding )slOkam
of Sri RanganAtha PaadhukA Sahasram of Swamy Desikan :

jayathi Mukundhasya PaadhukAyugaLi
tadhubhaya dhanAs thrivEdhim
avandhayayanthO jayanthi Bhuvi Santha: 

Sri AchArya RaamAnuja charaNou SaraNam PrapadhyE
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan 

P.S : May I request Sri Sampath Rengarajan of
Detroit , Michigan to enlighten us about
the individual paasurmas of Sri RaamAnujA 
NooRRandhAthi of ThiruvarangatthamudanAr 
in his own unique , anubhavam-fileld style
to take us from here until the next year's
celebration of our AchArya's birthday ? 




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