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Proceedings of 6th Bay Area NAMA Sri Vaishnava Sathsangham
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 17:39:01 PDT

Sri Raamajayam

Dear Bhagavathaas,
                  Yesterday(23rd April 2000), we had Sri Raama Navami Celebrations in our Bay Area NAMA Sri Vaishnava Sathsangham(actual TN on April 13th).  

The event was attended by 30+ Bhagavathaas who had assembled eagerly at the home
of Smt.Rama and Sri.M.J.Narasimha around 2.15pm.   We started with Acharya Thaniyangal and a brief introduction to the concert and the artistes(Mysore Smt.Nagamani Srinath-Vocal, Smt.Kalpana Venkat-Violin, Melakaveri Sri.K.Balaji-Mridhangam, Udipi Sri.Sreedhar-Ghatam and A.S.Krishnan-Muharsing) was made by Smt.Sumati Ram.  

For those who may be wondering how music is linked to Sri Vaishnavam, Smt.Nagamani's introduction is quite
sufficient.  The Music or 'Narada Gaana' itself arose as a Vocal tribute to Sriman Naarayana practiced and perfected by Sri.Narada Muni and delivered on to humanity.   Given such a strong start by none other than a Great Maha Visvaasi in Sriman Naarayana by Sage Narada, Smt.Nagamani went on to show how the works of Azhvaar's were nurtured, and accepted by great devotees in music.

In this context, Smt.Nagamani laid the foundation of her concert, and started bringing out beautiful verses from the Naalayira Divya Prabandham and linked it with the equivalent songs composed by Sri.Raamanuja, Sri.Annamacharya, Sri.Chaitanya, Sri.Purandaradaasa, Sri.Soordas, Mother Meera, Sri.Tyaagaraja thereby covering atleast 8 eight Indian languages including Sanskrit, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Hindi, Tamizh, Marathi.

Music and Bhakthi do not have any language/racial barriers, and the message of our Azhvaars and Sri.Ramanuja echo the message of the Vedas in such absolute reality, that rendering it as a musical tribute reaches the heart instantly.  Smt.Nagamani
made the point felt deep in our hearts with her melodious voice, coupled with a formal introduction/explanation into each song, she was delivering.   

Adiyen was deeply moved by Smt.Nagamani's rendering of songs from Thyaagaraja/Meera/Amalanaathipiraan/Thiruppaavai
and Periyaazhvaar Pasuram and would request every Bhagavathaa in US to make it a point to attend the nearest Sri Vaishnava Sathsangham hosting Smt.Nagamani Srinath.

The event concluded with a Mangalam to Sri Rama and we completed it with a Sattumurai.

Adiyen owe my profound gratitude to the Bhagavathaas for making this concert happen, as well as the family of Sri.M.J.Narasimha who has hosted this concert and the artistes, and made this concert very divine and professional.

Smt.Nagamani Srinath, presented Adiyen with a fine CD of her songs on Sri.Krishna(Sri.Krishna Karnamrutham, Sri.Mukunda Maala, Meera Bhajan, Purandhara Dasa ....) and did mention it is available for sale at $10 a piece.   On her way to the airport, she indicated her great happiness in singing for such an occassion(in her own words "intha mathiri concert pannanum enru romba aasai.   It has been my great pleasure.  In the event Bhagavathaas want to buy this CD, please accept $2 towards any kaimkaryam you wish to name towards the Sri Vaishnava Causes here in USA/or India".).
If anybody is interested in buying this fine CD(which is great for listening while driving), please contact Sri.Sashti Inc.(Sri.V.Srinivasan, and
request him to pass on the $2 in favour of SMSA Inc.(please cc: to Smt.Nagu Satyan,

Adiyen Sri Raamanuja Daasan,

Sudarsana Dasosmi

ATTN BAY AREA BHAGAVATHAAS- We have with us a great Yathivara visiting us from India.  Swami is none other than,His Holiness Sri Chinna Naarayana Jeer who will be amidst us in the first week of July.   It will be our great joy to welcome this Swami in the lineage of Sri Raamanuja and display our unity and devotion in Sri Ramanuja Sampradayam.   Adiyen would welcome suggestions from Swami's sishyaas as how we could arrange a Sri Vaishnava event to commemorate Swami's visit, as well as from other Bhagavathaas.  Please send Adiyen a private mail(

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