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RE: Krishna/Vishnu in Bhagavatam

From: R.Rajiv (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 22:04:16 PDT

> Dear Krishna Kalale,
> >I don't think Madhvas and SMarthas accept the GV view regarding Krishna /
> >Vishnu avatar issue.  
> You are right, they don't; that's what I wanted to make clear. Sorry if I
> didn't express myself clearly. To the best of my knowledge, *only* GV's
> hold the Krishna form to be ontologically prior to Vishnu. Everyone else --
> Vaishnavas and Smartas alike -- holds the opposite.
       Recently I had the oppurtunity to read Dr.B.N.K Sharma's book ( a
Dvaitin ) The philosophy of Madhvacharya... there he clearly says that
Krishna's form is eternal...  So, I am not very sure how that
"ontologically prior " is to be understood here!!!  I believe this is to
be understood as:  Krishna's form was eternally present and it was made
visible by Him only during Dvapara yuga .  Krishna is considered "
Purnavathara " in Madhva Philosophy. 
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