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FWD: Re: Krishna/Vishnu in Bhagavatam

From: krishna (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 08:31:45 PDT

>Unfortunately I deleted your latest post by mistake, but as I recall, you
>were asking for shastric evidence concerning (among other things) Krishna
>being an avatara of Vishnu. 

Thanks for these references. Of course, the more you can provide in support of this (both within the Bhaagavatam and from other mainstream scriptures), the more I would appreciate it. 

I would also appreciate evidence supporting the idea held by Sri Vaishnavas that the Lord is different from His form. In the past, I have been directed to read entire books to get this evidence. But given that time for me is very much at a premium, a more practical thing would be to give the exact verse numbers of the pramaanas, and/or the specific sections of the Sri Vaishnava books which discuss this point. 

Vishnu has
>appeared in the form of Sri Krishna, rather than vice versa. And certainly
>that has been the understanding of all Vaishnava sampradayas except the

While I am certainly no scholar, I am under the impression that the Vaishnavas following in the lines of Vallabha, Vishnuswami, and Nimbarka Swami also accept that Krishna is the svayam bhagavaan in the same sense that the Gaudiyas do. 

>advocating Krishna as avataarin are exclusively Gaudiya texts, like the
>Brahmasamhita reportedly discovered by Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Actually, I have been collecting evidence from mainstream scriptures which say the same thing. I have chosen not to rely on less well known scriptures (like Brahma-samhita) to prove this point. 


- K

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