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a small krithi on Sri Ranganathan

From: Chandrasekaran Venkatraman (
Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 22:30:34 PDT

Dear bhAgawathAs,
   Recently I had the bhAghyam of having Sri Rangan and Sri Udayavar darisanam in Sri Rangam. This was a long desire of mine that came true owing wholly to His grace. I was actually on the verge of not getting this bhAghyam due to some personal confusions. I prayed to Him and plans changed as per adiyEn's desire to be able to join our family kshEthrADanam. We had a wonderful divya darisanam at all the sannidhis in the temple.
   I composed a small tamizh (maNipravALam) krithi on Sri Rangan before I went on this kshEthrADanam. It's my humble wish to submit this in this forum. Please pardon for any errors in this one.

   This song can be sung in the same tune as "pathikki hAraththIrE - sIthA" of Sri Thyagaraja.

rAgam : suruTTi
tAlam : Adhi

pallavi :
    ranganAthanukku mangaLam - Subha mangaLam   (ranganAthanukku)

anupallavi :
    yOga niththirai konDa dEvAdhi dEvanukku
    nAga Sayana priyanukku 
    pannaga Sayana priyanukku - SrI             (ranganAthanukku)

charaNam :
    kariya maNi pOluruvam
    ariyadhAna engaL deivam
    kaliyuga varadhanivan engaL perunchelvam
    bhUlOka vaikunTa parama purushanukku
    bhUpAlaka parandhAmanukku - SrI             (ranganAthanukku)


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