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Re: Confusion Once more !!!

From: S. HariKrishna (
Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 13:13:06 PDT

Namo Naaraayana,

Several of the mails I sent on this subject did not go through. Here is a
2nd try at this one.

I feel like there is too much tension being generated on the recently
discussed subjects. It is turning into a discussion of the honor of one
sampradaaya versus another. In my opinion, discussions are best had by
making reference to scriptural evidence and avoiding accusations regarding
sentimentality and the like.

It has to be frankly admitted that this is a Sri Vaishnava forum, and those
of us who are not Sri Vaishnavas should think of ourselves as guests. We
should either discuss criticisms in a gentle manner or leave for elsewhere.
Taking an aggressive or hostile stance does no justice to any argument, or
for the tradition one claims to represent.

I have some frank doubts about some interpretations given by Sri Vaishnavas
in regards to key Bhaagavatam verses. These are doubts I felt at liberty to
discuss given the fact that an attempt was made to refute what I had
previously taken to be a very straighforward understanding of those verses.
True, my understanding is consistent with Gaudiiya Vaishnava doctrine, but I
have attempted to avoid quoting Gaudiiya Vaishnava translations in pursuing
my arguments. In fact, all of the translations I provided are third-party
translations. There was a reason I did this. I feel that, above and beyond
what other sampradaayas have to say about the meaning of a given scripture,
there should be room for discussing doubts in friendly spirit. After all,
how can one truly have conviction in something if he hasn't considered all
the alternative viewpoints?

I actually was enjoying this discussion until the tensions started building
up over the past few days. I am learning a lot, and hopefully maybe others
are as well. I have many other points to add to the "kR^iShNastu bhagavaan
svayam" argument, including evidence from shruti and other mainstreatm
scriptures. But I am hesitant to continue if others are going to turn this
into a matter of sectarian pride. The friendships I have made on this list
are far more meaningful to me than winning an argument.

Hence, I beseech those who do not have something constructive to add to the
discussion to stay on the sidelines. The rest of us can argue our respective
viewpoints on the basis of shaastric evidence, and let others have the
chance to review both sides of the argument. Only if things calm down, I
will continue with my case. I want to learn how others would try to refute
my position on the basis of scriptural evidence. In particular, I am eagerly
awaiting two things: 1) pramaanas proving that the Lord is different from
His form, 2) pramaanas proving that Krishna is avataara of Vishnu.


Krishna Susarla

p.s. I recently met Sri Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan here in Cleveland, and it
occurs to me that there may be other Sri Vaishnavas visiting here from out
of town for the Thyagaraja Aradhana. If so, by all means please send me an
email - my wife and I will be happy to meet you or even feed you if given
the opportunity.

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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