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Re: apologies

From: Anand Karalapakkam (
Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 04:35:22 PDT

SrI Lakshminrusimha ParabrahmaNE namaha

 Dear SrI Narasimhan,
 namO nArAyaNa.

    adiyEn literally feel like hugging you for exhibiting a great
    vaishnavite character. Everyone commits mistakes; but accepting 
    and repenting for it and that too in front of all, shows the 
    great character you posses.

> please accept my humble apologies unto you. i have not
> tried to offend you or others. but having read the
> books from various authors and sampradayas i got into
> comparison which i shud not have.

   One can do comparitive study in an unbiassed manner. Now that
   you have a good working knowledge of GV's philosophy, get to
   know the philosophy of ViSishtAdvaita also well. No one is  
   forcing you to accept some philosophy as the perfect. Please do 
   enough homework in studying the works of SrI Vaishnava AchAryas 
   atleast through the English books I have listed earlier.Ofcourse,
   there is no substitute to learning different SV works directly 
   under an AchArya and that would be excellent.

  In that process, you yourself would come to a conclusion and 
  adiyEn is pretty sure of the outcome too.

>   secondly i have loved SB very dearly and always
> believed in its authenticity. hence when there were
> some statements doubting its bonafide i immediately
> tried to defend the same and hence the scores of
> mails.
>  i am a SV at heart but am also attracted to the GV
> philosophy and way of devotion and it was through them
> that i came to know the glories of sv and the acharyas
> and this fuelled my interest to go through the sv
> books.

 adiyEn understands your state of mind. Your mind is filled with 
 the conception of GVs. But, you intuitively identify as SV at 
 heart. That causes the confusions. Learning the works of SV 
 AchAryas will definitely give you the much needed clarity in mind
 and its only a matter of time in which you will not only identify 
 as SV, but your mind will also be filled with the perfect 
 understanding of SAstras (viz. that of ViSishtAdvaita philosophy)
 by the blessings of SV AchAryas. Pray to our most beloved Lord 
 SrI KrishNa for guiding you along the best spiritual path, to
 know about Him and other tattvAs properly and as well as the 
 means to attain Him.

> hence once again accept my sAstanga namaskArams and
> forgive me for such impudent and rude behaviour.

   Please do forgive adiyEn also if any of my statements were
   unpalatable to you, in the course of my explanation and
   justification of ViSishtAdvaita philosophy.

> i went through a lot of your articles in the archives
> and found them spell bounding in their presentations.

  Thanks for your kind feedback. Its nothing but due to the
  blessings of adiyEn's grandfather SrImad abhinava dESIka 
  UttamUr swAmi, adiyEn's AchArya SrImad Azhagiyasingar of SrI 
  Ahobila Mutt,  and other AchAryas under whom adiyEn studies.
  If you feel even adiyEn's articles to be spellbounding, 
  you will be speechless in ecstacy by reading the original
  works of SrI Vaishnava AchAryas.

> the last mail abt SB, i had prepared it a couple of
> days back and i just sent it. you may include those
> points in your later reports.

  Thanks a lot for that private mail and respecting the 
  guidelines of the list. adiyEn will certainly post a reply
  to you and the list appropriately after sometime.

> i'm leaving for my job tomorrow and may not be
> available to answer any replies  but i've asked my
> brother to send the print outs, as i'm eager to know
> the sv stand on the same. well it only strengthens one
> convictions rather than weakening it.

 adiyEn will certainly let you know of the stand of SV AchAryas
 and adiyEn is pretty sure that the perfect  analysis of SAstras 
 by SV AchAryas in strictly following the pramAnas will certainly
 strengthen your conviction about ViSishtAdvaita.

  adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,

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