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Periya Thirumozhi 8.9- Will adiyEn become servant of any one else? absolutely no

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 04:28:10 PDT


Dearest Bhagawathas,

In last ten AzhwAr said, "Emperumaan is here at ThirukkaNNapuram to remove 
all my grievances and alleviate my sorrows". He assertively proclaims here 
that he is the servant of His and His alone. None else at all. Never.

1.	Emperumaan- the One who saved the elephant (that had become proud of his 
strong trunk) from the mouth of crocodile when it had entered into the 
waters for plucking the lotus to offer at the feet of the Lord); the One who 
is like dark clouds; like the dark collyrium (mai; kaajal- anjanam) like gem 
stone; like the blue hued emerald sapphire; My Swami; Sarveshwaran who stays 
in adiyEn's heart permanently- adiyEn is blessed to have held onto Him and 
been saved by Him.

2.	Emperumaan - the One who is like the kaRpaka tree that grants everything 
that one asks for; the dark rain laden cloud like colored one; Chinthamani, 
the one who always removes the problems and hurdles/sorrows of His devotees 
at all times; The Most Beautiful, Gorgeous looking SarvEshwaran- adiyEn's 
Swami; the nectar; one who reclines having His Yoga nithrA on the 
ThiruppaaRkadal (Milky Ocean)- adiyEn is blessed to have held onto Him and 
been saved by Him.

3.	Emperumaan- One who killed the seven angry huge bulls; one who built the 
bridge across the Ocean along with monkeys to reach trikooda parvatham and 
reach lankA to kill rAvaNan; The Primordial Chief; The Supreme Lord; the 
ParamjyOthi; jYothi Swaroori. If one asks as to who is He? The answer is 
Emperumaan who stays at ThirukkaNNapuram permanently is the Only One. Will 
adiyEn - His sesha BhUthan- become servant of any one else? Absolutely and 
naturally not.

4.	SarvEshwaran- One who is the Greatest and Biggest of all; unparalleled 
one- the chief as proclaimed and mentioned in "authorless" Vedas; one who 
has entered into adiyEn's heart; due to which he becomes even greater in His 
qualities; one who is like the mountain made of purest Gold; the most 
compassionate and most merciful Lord- One who is there at the huge mountain 
of Thirukkadigai like the akkaara adisil; so sweetest to us, and is 
completely insatiable; adiyEn is blessed to have held onto Him and been 
saved by Him

5.	My Swami! You came to where I stay; You, on Your own, have entered into 
adiyEn's heart and will You now like to go to Nithyasooris?  No. Is this 
blissful position for me not enough? (Of course yes.) EmperumaanE! The One 
who enjoys reclining and having Your YoganithrA at Thirukkudanthai! AdiyEn 
is blessed to have the quality of never forgetting You.. at any time.. for 
ever. What a krupai and upakaaram You have done to me!

6.	Oh mind! Will you please never ever forget thinking of Emperumaan, My 
Swami- the One who is at Thiruvaali; The Most Powerful one who took me and 
considered adiyEn as His daasabhUthan, saying "anjEl- maa sucha: (Don't 
lament and worry)" when adiyEn was shivering with fear due to suffering in 
the never ending, never-diminishing pains of samsaaric afflictions that keep 
on pushing me deeper and deeper in spite of whatever extent of paapams that 
you have exhausted (they keep growing). What a dayAkaran You are!

7.	My parents left me saying I have become an arrogant youth; then this poor 
person- was saved by You. Your daasa bhUthan- adiyEn- is now having You 
alone as every relation to me. You have become my life; my AthmA. You have 
saved me fully; You- the One who has saved moon by curing the kshaya rOgam; 
- are my Swami. How will I and How can I ever forget You? Oh foolish poor 
mind! Please tell this simple truth to me..(When I go astray..)

8.	The samsaaric world, where the literate, Vedic scholars and those who 
have learnt, attempt to get rid of the chains with the samsaaric afflictions 
and bondage- and in such ocean of samssara, I was blessed to be born. I am 
also blessed to have reached Emperumaan of Thiruvaali. Thus, having been 
blessed with this, I am blessed with NO FURTHER BIRTHS AT ALL.

9.	ThirukkaNNapuram, Thirukkadigai, at these most fragrant places- 
Emperumaan who resides here- the One who is the sweetest tastiest Lord for 
Nithyasooris- like the coolest moon, the One who shines like the lustrous 
Sun- when will adiyEn enjoy to my heart's content with eyes looking at such 
Divinely Gorgeous Beautiful Emperumaan?

10.	This ten pAsurams is on dark, black rain laden like cloud colored 
Emperumaan of ThirukkaNNApuram- Sri SowriRajaperumAL. Kaliyan, the king of 
Thirumangai, the one who has sharp spear in his right hand, composes it. Oh 
Bhagawathas, who would like to read this ten! You will dance singing this 
ten saving the whole world, surrounded by oceans.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadiagLE SaraNam

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