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From: ranganathan narasimhan (
Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 02:44:07 PDT

dear sri anand,

 krishnaya parabrahmane namah.

please accept my humble apologies unto you. i have not
tried to offend you or others. but having read the
books from various authors and sampradayas i got into
comparison which i shud not have. 

  secondly i have loved SB very dearly and always
believed in its authenticity. hence when there were
some statements doubting its bonafide i immediately
tried to defend the same and hence the scores of

 i am a SV at heart but am also attracted to the GV
philosophy and way of devotion and it was through them
that i came to know the glories of sv and the acharyas
and this fuelled my interest to go through the sv

hence once again accept my sAstanga namaskArams and
forgive me for such impudent and rude behaviour.

i went through a lot of your articles in the archives
and found them spell bounding in their presentations.

the last mail abt SB, i had prepared it a couple of
days back and i just sent it. you may include those
points in your later reports.

i'm leaving for my job tomorrow and may not be
available to answer any replies  but i've asked my
brother to send the print outs, as i'm eager to know
the sv stand on the same. well it only strengthens one
convictions rather than weakening it.


narasimhan ranganathan

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