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Re: krushNAstu bhagavAn swayam

From: Anand Karalapakkam (
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 05:35:48 PDT

Sri Lakshminrusimha ParabrahmaNE namaha
Sri Lakshminrusimha divya pAdukA sEvaka SrIvaN-
SatakOpa SrI nArAyaNa yateendra mahAdESikAya namaha

Dear SrI HarikrishNa,
namO nArAyaNa.

 Thanks for your questions. Many of your questions arise from your
 unawareness of the distinction between  the metaphysical entity
 Brahman/God and the other metaphysical entity Suddha Sattva, as
 established in ViSishtAdvaita. First of all, the nature of Brahman
 has to be understood. Then, one has to understand the appropriate
 names that can be designated for that Brahman. The most important
 of the names turns out to be nArAyaNa, since it explains a lot 
 about Brahman and its relationship between all other metaphysical
 entities which are sentient and non-sentient. Thus, the word
 "nArAyaNa" as used in Upanishads and SrI VaishNava works is not
 some "avatAra" of Brahman etc with a particular specific form, 
 but verily the all pervading Brahman, which is madeup of jn~yAna 
 and also has jn~yAna. Brahman takes up many forms and there are 
 specific names assigned to such forms taken by Brahman ie. Brahman
 characterized by a specific form is also given a name. For example,
 rAma, KrishNa, vAmana are all names of Brahman associated with
 a particular form.  nArAyaNa is also a name of a  sub-vyUha
 avatAra of Brahman. But, its also to be understood that, these 
 names verily denote the person who is "Brahman". It is Brahman, 
 who is the person, and not its form. So, when one says that 
 krishNa is the Supreme Person, it refers to the Brahman only, who 
 is also called as nArAyaNa. No one is objecting the fact that 
 KrishNa is svayam BhagavAn ie.KrishNa is indeed the Brahman itself 
 having taken a particular form.

 I will prepare a detailed document on the various issues involved 
 in your questions. The document will have appropriate pramAnas to
 answer your questions. The above stated points, which are very
 brief, will also be elaborated in detail in that document.

 Since this by itself will turn out to be a very large document, I
 would first of all post certain cursory articles on certain issues 
 like Lord and His divine form, Swaroopa jn~yAna, dharmabhUta 
 jn~yAna, Suddha Sattva etc to explain the stand of ViSishtAdvaita 
 in these issues. These articles will not dwell deeply into various 
 pramAnas, but will serve the purpose of  understanding the 
 philosophy of ViSishtAdvaita in general on these issues. I will 
 then answer your questions in detail based on pramAnas and the 
 cursory articles will help to give a good background of the 
 technical terms and concepts that will be employed in that final
 document. In the final document, the stand taken by 
 ViSishtAdvaitins on these issues (which will be mentioned in the
 cursory articles) will be elaborated based on the various 
 pramAnas. I will also give all the needed references for 
 you - be it works of SrI Vaishnava AchAryas Or otherwise.

 After going through the cursory articles, please do feel free to
 write to me, about any specific details you want me to  address in 
 the final document. That will also help me to prepare the 
 appropriate contents of the document.

 Since I have a quite hectic schedule, it will take some time 
 for me to prepare the final document. Please excuse me for that. 
 Since I would like the document to be thorough in its treatment, 
 I need more time also. But, I will post the cursory articles 
 quite soon. Thanks for your understanding.

 Hope that bhagavd sankalpam and the blessings of AchAryas will
 make adiyEn write these articles.

 adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,

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