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RE: ThiruninRavUr Dhivya dEsam : Part I

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 19:37:11 PDT

Dear Sri Gunaseelan Venkatachary:

Thanks very much your note. AdiyEn did not write about 
this aspect of  what happened to Thirumangai 
or did not happen to Thirumangai at ThiruninRavoor 
for the following reasons . 

Some of the poorvAchAyAls have indeed said that
PerumAl was busy enjoying the company of ThAyAr
that He did not pay attention to Thirumangai,
when he  arrived for MangaLAsAsanam .It is said 
that the unhappy AzhwAr left ThiruninRavoor and 
the Lord of ThiruninRavoor gave His darsanam
to the AzhwAr later at Thirukkadanmallai .

Many commentators have felt that the dhivya dampathis 
will not ignore a Bhakthan , who has  arrived at their
dhivya dEsam . They have pointed out the the perumAL
with the name of Bhaktha Vathsalan and a ThAyAr with
the thirunAmam of "YennaippeRRa ThAyAr" will not
warmly welcome their dear Bhakthan and child , 
Thriumangai AzhwAr.

This group of commentators have pointed out 
that it was Thirumangai's custom to pay tribute
to the other dhivya desa EmperumAns and also
VibhavAvathaara moorthys in his pasasurams
composed for one dhivya dEsa EmperumAn.

In the subsequent paasurams on Thirukkadanmallai ,
Thirumangai says that he saw the Kalki avthAran and
TanjaikkOil PerumAL at the Thirukkadanmallai
dhivya dEsam. These commentators have explained
that Thirumangai usually gets reminded of the jaadai ,
chaayal and aabharaNams of other dhivya desa 
moorthys , when he enjoys one PerumAl.

What happened to Thirumangai at IndaLoor is however
some thing specific.AzhwAr did not have the darsanam 
of the perumAL of this dhivya dEsam and got furious
and has recorded his (aazhwAr's ) annoyance very 
clearly in his Paasurams ( nindhA sthuthi paasurams).
It is not clear from AzhwAr's two paasurams linked 
with ThiruninRavoor that there was any such hard feelings 
experienced by AzhwAr at ThiruninRavoor.

At Thirurneermalai, Azhwar had to wait for 6 months 
for the flood waters to recede before he could
have the darsanam of the Lord of that dhivya dEsam.
AzhwAr does not give up quickly .He would have waited
at ThiruninRavoor to fulfil the purpose of his visit .
With all these reasons in mind , commentatros 
have indicated that Thirumangai had the darsanam
of Bhaktha Vathsala PerumAL at ThiruninRavoor. 

In one Paasuram relating to ThiruninRavoor, AzhwAr says:

"NinRavoor nitthilatthai --kanDathu naan Kadanmallai
 TalasayanatthE "..Periya Thirumozhi(PTM) : 2.5.2

In the other Paasuram , Thirumangai acknowledges 
that he sought and saw the Lord of ThiruninRavoor
at ThirukkaNNamangai:

" NinRavoor ninRa nitthila thotthinai --
  senRu naadik KaNNamangayutk kanDu-konDEnE " .. PTM 7.10.5

The thorough enjoyment of the beauty of the Lord
of ThriuninRavoor does not seem to leave AzhwAr's
mind at ThirukkaNNamangai and Thirukkadanmallai.
Thus he refers to having seen the Lord of
ThiruninRavoor at these two sthalams . 

The first paasuram on ThiruninRavoor ( poonDavattham--)
is a profound condemnation of Veda Baahya mathams 
and Kudhrushti mathams . AzhwAr pities those , who
follow these mathams and get deluded and performs 
upadEsam to these misguided souls and instructs them
that the archai of Sriman NaarAyaNan at Thiruninravoor
is the only true Lord , who can grant them Moksham .

In his second paasuram ( yERRinai -- PTM: 7.10.5), AzhwAr 
points out that the Lord of ThiruninRavoor is the One,
who grants auspicious boons in this world and Moksha sukham
in the other world ( Parama Padham )and that He is the One ,
who incarnates in many roopams ( Vibhavam) for
dharma samsthApanam , Saadhu ParipAlanam and 
Dhushta Niugraham. 

adiyEn, Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sdaagopan 

At 05:57 PM 4/19/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear Sadagopan
>Adiyen would like to add a few to this Dhivya dEsam, this is  based on the
>info what I heard thru poorvachariars, pl correct me ..
>For this Dhivya dEsam , Alwar did not visit and Thayaar has urged perumal to
>appear before Thirumangai and demanding pasuram for him, Thayaar was so
>inspired with Thirumangai's Kainkaryam and hence this urge. As you mentioned
>Baktavasala perumal appeared before Thirumangai in Thirukannamangai
>Let me request the bhagavadas to correct me if my understanding is not
>Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

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