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Re: [Question from Sripathy ]

From: M.S.HARI (Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari) (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 18:35:03 PDT

Dear Lakshminarayanan Ramasubramanian,

I do not accept that there is a limit of "64 qualities" which the
supreme personality of Godhead possess. In fact, the Vedas declare
that the Lord Shreeman Naaraayana has infinite number of divine
qualities. The Lord's incarnation has a secret associated with it
as declared in the 3rd chapter of Geetha. I explain this to answer your
question. There are 6 facts which declare his Birth which is incarnation
and differentiates it from our material birth. They are:
1. The Lord is born(incarnates) as per his own Wish (sankalpa) but our
birth is because of our karma - The Lord does not have any karma. The
Lord has infact no birth but incarnates in various forms (Ajaayamaano 
Bhahudaa Vijaayate -Veda)
2. The Lord is born(incarnates) without change in his qualities like 
knowledge. But when we are born, our knowledge gets contracted as
per our karma.
3. The Lord's incarnation like Raama/Krishna are real and are facts.
4. When the Lord Incarnates, his body is divine, transendental 
Sudha-Satva form but our bodies when we are born are material (satva-
rajas-tamas combination)
5. The Lord Incarnates at that time when Dharma is week and Adharma
is growing reaching its heights.
6. The Lord Incarnates to protect Shree Vaishnava Saadhu people,
protects the Dharma establishes it and destroys the Adharma.

Thus the Lord Hari in Vaikunta and incarnation of the Lord Hari are
the same. The Lord during all his incarnations has the same infinite
divine qualities. He displays some of them and does not display some
of them in each incarnation which is as per his wish. This does not
mean that the Lord does not possess all his qualities in certain
incarnations. Hope your question is answered clearly. For doubts/questions
please write to me.

M.S.HARI Raamaanuja Daasan.

lakshminarayanan ramasubramanian <> wrote:

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Dear bhagavathas
My question is Lord krishna revealed all the 64
qualities which a supreme personality of godhead
possess.But in all the other avathars he didnt reveal
all his qualities.Does this mean during other avathars
he didnt not possess it or he din't reveal
it.(Especially during rama avathara where he took a
human birth and livrd with manushya sharira)

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