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ThiruninRavUr Dhivya dEsam : Part I

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 17:05:31 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

Sriman Balaji of Banglaore asked for some information on
ThiruninRavUr dhivya desam.Thirumangai Mannan has performed
MangaLAsAsanam for the EmperumAn of this dhivya dEsam
with two paasurams in Periya Thirumozhi (2.5.2 and 7.10.5).
These passurams are housed in the decads praising 
the EmperumAns of ThirukkaNNamangai and Kadal Mallai
(MahABalipuram of today ). At these two dhivya dEsams , 
ThiruninRvoor PerumAl crowded in to give the darsanam
for Thirumangai . It is customary for Thirumangai to
stand before the EmperumAn of One dhivya dEsam , when 
he is reminded of the similarities in the anga soundharyam
of other dhivya dEsa PerumALs , which leads him to perform
mangaLAsAsanam for the PerumALs of more than One dhivya
dEsam in the set of ten paasurams (decad).

Thirumangai came form ThiruvEnkatam , stopped at 
ThiruveLLUr before arriving at ThiruninRavoor 
to perform his mangaLAsAsanam.

ThiruninRavoor is one mile away from the railway 
station of Thinnanoor . The PerumAl's name is 
Bhakthavathsalan giving us His sevai in the standing
posture facing east . ThAyAr's thirunAmam is ,
" YennaippeRRa ThAyAr ". The vimAnam is SrinivAsa
VimAnam. The river is Vruddha Ksheera nathi. 
The PushkaraiNi's name is VaruNa PushkaraNi. 
The Lord is visible ( prathyaksham ) always to
VaruNan . 

In 1992, adiyEn composed a monograph entitled
" the 108 Sri VaishNavite Dhivya dEsams " .
This monograph swelled to 426 pages . Selected
material from this monograph will be included in 
the new CD ROM under design on " The 12 AzhwArs and
the 108 dhivya desams that sung about" .adiyEn is
taking some excerpts from this monograph and elaborating
on it to enjoy the two paasurams of Thirumangai
AzhwAr on Bhaktha vathsala PerumAL of ThiruninRavoor.

Thirumangai Mannan ThiruvdigaLE saraNam ,
Oppiliaapn Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan 


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