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Re: [RE: A Question ]

From: M.S.HARI (Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari) (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 23:07:25 PDT

Dear Shree Anand Vasudevan,

You have said that "but emperumanar has said in one of his works that
emperuman is nirguna brahmam". Can you please tell me with proper 
context where this is actually present in Shree Raamaanuja's work?
As far as the doubt/contradiction is concerned, please note that the
upanishads tell that "Shreeman Naaraayanan who is the Brahman is
infinite with infinite divine qualities" The same upanishad says that
"Brahman is without qualities (Nirguna)" These two seems to contradict.
But when you read the full Veda and understand its purport, you will
find that there is no contradiction. When the upanishad says that "Brahman
is infinite with infinite divine qualities" this means that the Brahman
has qualities that are divine (extraordinary) and only unique for
Brahman thus differentiation Brahman from all chit and achits. When
the upanishad says the "Brahman is Nirguna" it means that the Brahman 
has no bad qualities or qualites of matter(Achit - satva/rajas/tamas)
and qualites of Jeeva(chit) like having karma,sufferings ect. Therefore
the Brahman is ascertained without contradiction as "Brahman always
has infinite divine qualites". In fact, the Brahma Sutra identifies
Brahman by "Ubhayalingam" - two identifications namely "Ananta
Kalyaana Gunaakaratvam" (Infinite with infinite divine qualities) and
"Akila Heya Pratyaneekatvam" (Though the Brahman is present inside and
outside all Chit and achit entities, Brahman is untouched by all
the impurities of chit and achits as Brahman is the soul of all
chit and achits and all chit-achits are Brahman's body. Hope your
doubts/contradiction raised is cleared. For further doubts/questions
please write to me.

Thanks & Regards
M.S.HARI Raamaanuja Daasan.

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Dear Sri bhagavatas,
	In his reply, to sri L.Kumar,Sri A.Bharat has said that  The simple
answer is that-both have GnAna as
swarUpa as well as quality;except that for Brahma both are infinite,whereas
for Atman(in his free state) only the quality is infinite. 
he has quoted emperumanar for the above. but emperumanar has said in one of
his works that emperuman is nirguna brahmam. doesnt the above contradict?
can somebody explain this?
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