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Chiththiraiyil Chiththirai-madhurakavigaL and ananthaazhvaar

From: Prof.TAS Vijayaraghavan (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 21:50:04 PDT

srimathE raamaanujaaya nama:
madhurakavi aazhvaar thiruvadigaLE saraNam
srimath ananthaarya mahaaguravE nama:

Respected Bhakti-list scholars,

Today is a great day for all of us- today is the Chithirai of the
Chiththirai month-thirunakshaththiram of two great personalities
in the Vaishnavite world who share lot of common things between
them-madhurakavi Azhvaar and the madhurakavi dhaasan thirumalai
ananthaazhvaar.  manavala maamunigaL adores madhurakavigaL in two
great stanzas in his upadhEsa raththinamaalai as

Eraar madhurakavi ivvulagil vanthudhiththa
seeraarum chiththiraiyil chithirainNaaL paarulagil
maRRuLLavaazhvaargaL vanthudhiththa nNaaLgaLilum
uRRathamakkenRu nNenchEyOr

vaaiththa thirumanthiraththin maththima maampathampOl
seerththa madhurakavi seykalaiyai aarththapukazh
aariyargaL thaangaL aruLichcheyal nNaduvE
sErviththaar thaaRpariam thErnthu

Let's all recite these stanzas and with kaNNinun siRuththaampu
and sing the glory of madhurakavi aazhvar.

Today is also the thirunakshaththiram of thirumalai ananthazhvaar
( ananthaaNpillai) who like madhurakavigaL demonstrated the
greatness of acharya bhakti and kainkaryupaayam to all of us.
madhurakavigaL's thought was always "thEvumaRRaRiyEn
kurugoornNambi". Similarly ananthaazhvar also had emperumaanaar
in his thought and action and as per emperumaanaar's niyamanam
spent his lifetime in thirumalai performing pushpa kainkaryam to
thiruvEnkatamudaiyaan. His vaibhavam is an illustration of
humility, devotion and services. adiyEn thought on this
"ponnaaL", it would be appropriate to launch a home page for the
great acharyan ananthaazhvar and through the page reach out to
many. Ii is our humble effort, with whatever little material I
had, I with my wife Sudha Vijayaraghavan developed a home page
for him. We will be blessed if you all can visit the home page at

and offer your comments to us. This would help us in making it
more useful. In its humble form, the home page basically has few
articles of adyEn's father T.A.Srinivasan and few very old
photographs which I had with me. There may be ( well, there are )
few spelling mistakes in the articles which I would certainly
correct them.

I also request that if any of you have nice photos of
ananthazhvaar or articles or information, please send them to us
to make the home page more meaningful.

I appeal to all the list members that " intha homepage-i
kataakshiththaruLa vENdum enRu".

vachaka dhOsha: kshanthavya:

madhurakavai dhaasan

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