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Re: Anya devata

From: Chandrasekaran Venkatraman (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 04:33:09 PDT

Dear Sri Hari,
  Please don't misunderstand my intent here. I am not talking for worshipping anya devata. Because I am no authority to talk about that in this list.

> He mentioned "Atra Poorvam MahaDevaha Prasaadam Akarot Prabhu:". Few
> take this to mean "There (Now Rameswaram) Mahadevan (Siva) the Lord did
> mercy and blessed me". As Raama was telling to Sita what happened
> before, there is not mention by Valmiki that Raama worshiped Siva
> before the war. The term "Mahadeva" is a common noun which can denote
> any devata. Here it is to be taken only to mean "Samudra Rajan" who
> appeared before Raama.

  I am not even sure if you quoted this from Srimad Ramayana. If so, then I have a doubt. Note that I am not trying to ascertain that here the verse refers to 
Lord Siva. But I am little surprised how this could mean Samudra rajan. In the epic, it is to be noted that Sri Rama got angry with the Lord of the Ocean and threatened to vapourise all the water if the latter didn't give way upon which dire threat only the latter appeared and in fact surrendered. If this is the case, how can Sri Rama say that " the Samudra Rajan showed mercy and blessed us". Isn't this statement contradicting with the mood of Sri Rama before making Samudra Rajan give way?

  Just a thought. Please don't misunderstand.

  Thanks and regards,

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