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Re: Sri Bhashyakarar and Sri Vishnupuranam etc

From: ranganathan narasimhan (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 01:01:03 PDT

dear bhagavataas,
  i was going through the postings reg. bhasyakarar's
non usage of srimad Bhagavatham to support his

reg the above i wish to state a few points:

1. as it was already substantiated with scriptuiral
quotations from the various puranas by sriman Bharat ,
there is no doubt that srimad bhagavatahm is the
supreme of all the puranas. 

2. the gaudiya vaishnavas for a long time did not have
a bhasya written on the brahma sutras because they
were following srimad bhagavatham to be the natural
commentary on the brahma was only when they
were under severe criticism that a bhasya on brahma
sutras were written(govinda bhasya). even in the
govinda bhasya srila baladeva vidyabhusana has offered
numerous quotes from srimad bhagavatham to establish
the philosophy of Acintya bheda adbeda.

3. sri Jiva goswami of the same school in his tattav
sandharbha  strongly establishes the bagavatham as the
best of all the pramanams incl. the srutis even.

4. on why sri bhasyakarar did not include srimad
bhagavatham as one of the pramanams, a) srimad
bhagavatahma states that Lord Krishna to be the
supreme lord and not an avatara.(in the krishna
sandharbha this is established by jiva goswami)while
Sri VP states on the contrary.
b) in some places as alredy brought out by other
subscribers the position of Sri is not as in the
Vishnu puraanam eg. She could not take part in the
Rasa Lila of Krishna .

hence for these reasons adiyen feel it was much easier
for emberumanar to qoute from sriVP  and not include

i have perented these not to refute others' views but
to supplement them .

ramanuja dasan
narasimhan ranganathan

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