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From: kmahesh (
Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 23:08:10 PDT

Sri :
Sri rAmanujAya namaH

Respected vaisnavas, 

Please accept my danDavat pranAmam s. I thank all the devotees who have
replied to my earlier mail, suggesting about the basic books I should start
reading. I am trying to find them, says these are out of print. I
am currently in Bangalore. And plannig to visit Madras shortly to get these

I would like to ask in this forum, some basic questions in relation to

What is samasrayanam ? I understand this as accepting a guru formally, who
can show us the path to vaikuntham. But I know nothing more than this.
My question is also that what are pancha smaskArams and their significance.
I know ( I am not sure) only nAma samskAram, tApa samskAram. And what are
the rules one is expected to follow after samAsrayanam.

More importantly my question is what are the qualifications one should have
to accept samasrayanam from a Guru.  I understand from some of the books I
read that birth is not a problem, anyone born in any caste can accept ? Is
it correct ? 
My self not born in Brahmin family, my caste is karanam ( Pillai caste as
known in TamilnADu). 

What are the other qualitites, one should have so that he will not leave the
process after accepting it. 

I am mainly interested in my last question, because it is very relavent to
me at this stage 

Expecting showers of mercy from bhAgavatAs,

dAsAnu dAsAn

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